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As I sit here contemplating my upcoming trip, I'm wondering to myself, "why did I think it necessary to arrive a full 2 1/2 hours before my scheduled flight?"  I am pretty sure I made it from checking my bags and through security in a whole 15 minutes.  So despite my excitement (or is it in spite of it?), I decide to make the most of my stay at the Austin airport.  As far as airports go, Austin's airport is definitely entertaining.  From the live music being played on the tye-dyed piano to the excellent selection of Austin-area eateries that have set up shop there, one can arguably have a full-on Austin experience.  So after some serious deliberation (truly, how does one choose between tex-mex, bar-beque, or Schlotzsky sandwiches?), I settle down with some enchiladas from Maudie's and top that off with a Mexican vanilla scoop of ice cream with strawberries crushed-in from Amy's and wait for my flight to come in.

Upon disembarking in San Francisco, I was led by ambiguous signs to the legendary destination of "baggage claim."  I must admit after about the 10th turn down a darkened hallway and my third flight of stairs, I was beginning to wonder when I would bump into David Bowie singing creepy songs about dancing babies.  As it was, I did finally arrive at the baggage claim, accompanied by the many other confused faces of those who had joined me on the flight, and waited a good 20 more minutes for the bags to roll in.

Afterward, I hopped on the BART (San Francisco's subway system) and met my friend at the 16th St. and Mission station.  Probably not the finest of corners on which a single lady should be waiting by herself after sundown, but I emerged unscathed and was led by my friend to her really cute apartment in the Mission district (and on a much better corner!).  To wind down and catch up we grabbed a beer and macaroni and cheese (no joke) at Monk's Kettle and soon afterward headed it home for a good night's sleep.
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