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Finally, we reach the last destination of our jouney – BEIJING. To be honest, the city didn’t really excite me that much beforehand, at least not as much as Shanghai did. Today my opinion has changed – let’s quote a title of a movie: “I love Beijing”. Of course, it’s very subjective, maybe the Chinese culture wasn’t so foreign anymore, and the life had some kind of European or American flair. People here were more accustomed to foreign tourists; the traffic was for more organized than in most other cities (That is a surprisingly important matter, even in my conclusion how much of the attitude towards a city is influenced by traffic). Well, the one in Beijing didn’t seem so life-threatening, as it did in Shanghai or Xi’an.

Anyway, we arrived after a 12 hour train ride the capital, it wasn’t even bad, but very relaxing and the evening had been fun to with games, singing and Chinese wine and liqueur. So we just went to the Hotel and took the bus to the Tian’anmen. This place is really so huge, but Maou’s Mausoleum hasn’t really a nice architecture. Apart from the money, Tian’amnen is the place where we were first really confronted with Mao – before we had seen smaller sculptures or old paintings on a wall (can one call it mural?).
We crossed the Tian’anmen to enter the Palace – the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City was quite amazing, but was crowded. Those different throne halls – hall of highest harmony, hall of perfect harmony, the different gates, the living wing and the royal garden. Our guide explained us the life of his majesty with his concubines and eunuchs.
Afterwards we walked to the coal-hill in the north; it has a nice pavilion in its top with a great view. The park was also cool, a lot of different choirs sang for ones attention. Everyone was welcome to join, and many people (up too 100) did.
The evening we spend in the Hutongs, the old districts of the city with very small houses and sometimes community-bathrooms. It was fun and it had flair.
The next day we took the bikes to the Temple of Heaven, with the centre of the world. We crossed the Tian’anmen to the Confucius Temple and Lama Temple, because of a rainstorm we decided on a tea-ceremony afterwards. At night we went to the shopping district, where they sold food – no we weren’t hungry – on the market they had scorpions, snakes, silkworms, grasshoppers, bull-testicles and penises, etc. only this crazy stuff. Dog doesn’t belong there since it is a more traditional food.
The following day, was the best. We went to the Great Wall of China, we had fantastic weather and loads of fun, also with the slide downwards.
Honestly, for the Great Wall I can’t find any superlative that describes it. It’s hard to explain, how that wall lies like a snake in the mountains with its countless towers and thousands of steps.
On our last day, everyone was exhausted; I couldn’t really enjoy the Summer Palace anymore, so we spend the most time close to hour hotel and doing some last-minute shopping.
Since we woke up early on the last morning, to spent the last money on moon cake or a massage (our male group members were too scared, after an offer of “lady massage” a few days earlier).
After an exhausting check-in (our small group of four needed 25 minutes, and still hadn’t the right seats, but at least the luggage was checked-in to the correct destination) the ten-hours flight passed pretty fast.

Schluss, Aus, Basta, Finito… but I’ll be back to China whenever it might be possible…

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photo by: Deats