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CoCo Curry

The last morning in Yokota, my childhood home for four years, I worked out at the base gym with Brett. 

After the workout he had concocted, he dropped me off just outside the gate at Fussa Station.  My dad told me of a curry place inside the train station before I left, and here was Coco Curry.  This place is great.  The restaurant had all types of curry to choose from, chicken, pork, beef, and you choose the corresponding number of spiciness.  I had the pork curry with spice number three.  Three was on the edge of my comfort level.  I like hot foods, but dont like when I pay for it later, if you know what I mean.  The flavor was great and the portions are huge.  The price was on the expensive side at 680 Yen including the 60 for spice number 3.

Department store across the street from the Fussa train station
  The higher the spice level the higher the price, which I thought was a little odd.

At the train platform I learned that there are 2 types of trains into Tokyo.  One stops at every station along the route, which obviously takes longer.  The second train rarely stops until it is well into the city.  Both trains cost the same, so it is definitely advantageous to take the direct train.  While waiting for the train in the shade i am sweating profusely, the temperature is not that high, yet I am sweating profusely, weird.

I checked into my room at Asakusa Smile late in the afternoon and laid down on my bed for a few minutes...oops few minutes turned into hours.  It is getting late and i need to eat, but it is after nine and most places are closed.  I stumbled upon the Yakiniku restaurant that I had been to before and decided to eat there again.  Since the portions were small the last time i ordered 2 different portions of 2 different meats.  One of the cuts was excellent, the other was too fatty for my taste.  The meal cost 2000 yen.

After my dinner, i went back to the hostel and drank beers at the bar.  One big beer was 400 yen, by far the cheapest i have found in Tokyo.  I tried to recruit some patrons to explore the Tokyo night scene, but complaints of being too tired or too broke won out.  So, the night fizzled out.




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CoCo Curry
CoCo Curry
Department store across the street…
Department store across the stree…
Asakusa Smile Hostel
Asakusa Smile Hostel
photo by: maka77