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Waiting for my flight
So of course, i got very little sleep the night before, that happens when you have to wake up at 5am to finish packing.  I settle in to my very tiny coach seat and start to doze off happily.  I am startled awake by my grotesque dream of the passenger in front of me spewing chunks on my foot.  Apparently, i yell obscenities as i come to, because the passenger next to me inquires in a panic stricken shriek as to what might possibly be wrong.  At this point i am not totally sure if my dream was real or reality, but as the rancid smell starts to sting my nostrils, i correctly inform my touchy seat mate that indeed the kid in front just puked on my be-socked left foot.  Needless to say, i had difficulty sleeping the rest of that flight.
the sock in question

The second flight happens without circumstance, but it was only the quiet before the storm.  The long flight from LA to Tokyo was less than tranquil.  And let me digress for a second, what the freaks is up with the international wing of LAX?  Two Starbucks and 1 McDonalds?  What a load of poop.  You cant put something quick and healthy in that wing for crying out loud?  For realz.

Back to the flight from hell.  Of course the people behind me had to bring their 5 kids, all of which were under 6 years old.  During the 10 hour flight, the kids were running some marathon.  But instead of jogging they were crying.  And it was like a relay, when one stopped crying, the other had to pick up where the other left off.  The gold medal winner was the 2 year old.  I swear he was the devil.  I looked back at one point and he had horns, a tail, and a forked tongue.  I hope to see them on the return flight!
Yuzuki says:
Welcome to Japan:)
Posted on: Nov 25, 2015
Zagnut66 says:
Congrats on being featured! And for surviving the flight from hell!
Posted on: Nov 24, 2015
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Waiting for my flight
Waiting for my flight
the sock in question
the sock in question
photo by: cabotono