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Brasov – Bran – Sibiu – Medias – Sighisoara

We went to Romania via Budapest. We caught a night rain to Brasov. The return ticket Budapest – Brasov was about £60. You have to book before. But you can do few hours before departure. There are Passport inspections at both borders. So make sure you have your visa done. We got to Brasov mid afternoon. Romania is one hour ahead of Budapest. Then we headed straight to Bran Castle. You can catch a bus from the train station to the bus station Autogara 2. The bus stop is just outside the train station. Don’t be shocked once you get out from the train station there are few people trying to approach you to offer rooms/taxis. I can’t remember the bus number. You need to get your bus ticket from the ticket locket just next to the bus stop too. Make you buy few extra tickets too. Because you need a ticket to get into the bus and they only sell via ticket machine or locket. Sometimes the bus stop doesn’t have ticket machine at all. Ask them the bus number to Autogara 2. They don’t speak much English. Just ask them to write it down for you.

Once you get to Autogara 2, don’t be shocked with the bus station too. HIhihi slightly dodgy. From the bus stop you have to cross the street and you can see few buses were parked inside there. Just look for the bus to Bran Castle. You can get the ticket form the bus driver. I can’t remember the price but it’s really cheap so don’t worry at all. Then don’t forget to tell the bus driver you want to go to Bran Castle. Oh yeah btw if you are interested with Rasnov. Rasnov is in between Brasov and Bran. I think Rasnov Castle look better than Bran Castle. That’s my opinion. Once you get to Bran Castle just followed the sign to go around. Bran Castle is really a small castle located over the hill. It’s just like someone else house on the top of the hill. But the town is nice to walk around.

Then we headed back to Brasov by bus for overnight. You just catch a bus at the bus stop across the road where you stop. They will take you back to Autogara 2. You just catch a bus direct to town. You need to walk out of the Autogara 2 to catch the bus to town. We went over the top to see Brasov form the top. I am not impressed at all. The view is more like roofs top. Nothing is really special.

The city is not too bad. Because we got there they had kind like graffiti competition and some music festival. Oh yeah one thing that about Romania, they just change their currency. So the 10 of the old currency = 1 new currency. Their currency is called lei. They spoke less English. Their main courses were always served with mamaliga. Mamaliga is a cornmeal mush that’s boiled or fried.

You can have visit white and black towers, the churches and the landscape. Brasov is surrounded by hills. The city is not too bad. The experience of it is good.

inside Bran castle

View from Bran Castle

Local Bread at Bran Castle

Bran Castle on top of the hill


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