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To see the fjords, I suggest doing the Norway in Nutshell. It is enough. You don’t have to do Sognefjord. Too long and you will get sick of it. You are taken around the fjords by boat for about 2 hours and even enjoying the narrowest fjords which more interesting than doing it all the way from Flam to Bergen and miss the narrowest one.

You can simply join the packet and can be booked online which is so obvious cost you more and they only give you the ticket and timetable. So why not doing it urself!?!

Or do it yourself. It’s not difficult at all. It is very straight forward. You don’t miss anything at all. You do the same track as Norway in Nutshell, but you have to buy each ticket yourself. That’s all. But make sure if you wanna do it yourself, book the train tickets as early as possible. That’s where the money saving gone. If you book early, you can travel form Oslo to Bergen for just NOK 199. If you buy at the last minute you have to pay NOK 699. You save NOK 500 (£50). The boat ride is NOK 225. The train from Myrdal to Flam is NOK 210.

The track for Norway in Nutshell:

Oslo• Myrdal • Flam • Gudvangen • Voss • Bergen

Oslo to Myrdal by train

Myrdal to Flam by train

Flam to Gudvangen by boat

Gudvangen to Voss by bus

Voss to Bergen by train

The trains: all the train services can be booked online. Book as early as you can to get a really good deal. You can book online

The boat and bus ticket you can buy them from the tourist information once you get to Flam. Then from there you can continue by train to wherever you want to go.

If you travel from Oslo, You will get a spectacular view from the train on the way to Myrdal. You will have a brief stop at Ulvik to take some pictures. The view of the mountain range is spectacular and amazing. But it’s really cold!!!

Then when you get to Myrdal, you need to change a train to get to Flam. There is nothing much to do in Myrdal except walking. Myrdal is just like a small platform for you to change train to Flam.

Once you get the train to Flam, it will take around the mountain as well. The view is spectacular, beautiful mountain range, waterfalls, the wood houses, and the landscape. WOW!! I can’t describe by words how beautiful there are. You will have a brief at one of the waterfall. Then the local comes up with a story about a ghost at the house next to the waterfall and they do a bit of ghost drama. Try to convince you that ghost does exist!!!

When you arrive in Flam, you can simply find the tourist information centre in front of you. You can get the boat and bus tickets in there. Flam is a small village which surrounded by mountains. Apart from beautiful village, I don’t think much things you can do in here except trekking. It’s beautiful place to walk around.

Get on the boat, the terminal is next to the tourist information centre. The boat will take you around the amazing fjords. On the way to Gudvangen you will a brief in a small village. I can’t remember of the village. But it only stops for few minutes. So just stay on the boat and enjoying the view of the fjords.

Once you get to Gudvangen, you can simply walk to the bus stop to catch a bus to take you to Voss. All the schedules for trains, buses, and boats have been arranged, so you won’t wait for so long. Apart from amazing view in Gudvangen, it also doesn’t have many things to offer.

The bus will drop you at Voss Train station. The view @ Voss is also amazing. They do some outdoor sport activities in here. The town is bigger than Myrdal, Flam, Gudvangen. It’s nice little town. The landscape is beautiful.

Well now for the timetable. You can see all the fjords within a day. If you want to spend longer in each town is up to you. Just make sure you book the right date for your train and accomodation in advance. It’s not refundable for the train ticket. That’s all.

If you want to stay longer better check all the timetables again.

Otehrwise, I recommend this timetable from Norway in Nutshell. Don’t worry if you travel during June. It won’t be fully booked. July and August I am not sure. But I don’t think. Norway is very expensive country. So I don’t think people want to go for several times. So hope you have a great time enjoying these world amazing fjords.

One-way trip from OSLO
Oslo-Bergen 15.06.08- 15.06.08- 29.09.08- 01.11.08-
19.09.08 28.09.08 31.10.08 03.01.09
Dx6 D D Dx6
Train from Oslo 06:35R 08:11R 08.11R 08:11R
To Myrdal 11:41 12:53 12:53 12:53
Train from Myrdal 12:11 13:27 13:00 13:00
To FlĂĄm 13:05 14:25 13:50 13:50
Boat from FlĂĄm 13:20 15:10 15:10 15:10
To Gudvangen 15:20 17:00 17:00 16:50
Bus from Gudvangen 15:30 17:45 17:05 16:55*
To Voss 16:50 19:05 18:00 17:50*
Train from Voss 17:53 19:20 19:20 17:53
To Bergen 19:05 20:34 20:34 19:05

ONe-way trip from bergen

Bergen-Oslo 04.05.08 29.09.08-
28.09.08 03.01.09
Train from Bergen 08:40 08:40
To Voss 09:54 09:54
Bus from Voss 10:00 10:00
To Gudvangen 11:25 11:25
Boat from Gudvangen 11:30 11:30
To FlĂĄm 13:30 13:30
Train from FlĂĄm 16:05 17:00
To Myrdal 17:03 17:40
Train from Myrdal 17:52R 17:52
To Oslo 22:32 22:32

jenn79 says:
This was so helpful!! I will be using it to plan my trip to see fjords =)
Posted on: Jul 26, 2010
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