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We'd booked the 14.00 Ferry from Dunkirk, France to Dover. That meant we had to be at Dunkirk around 13.00 hrs. Since the holiday in Holland had started a week before, we didn't have as much monday morning traffic as we'd expected. The service road to the Norfolkline was completely empty. We could advance upon the ferry immediately. How strange? The ferry wasn't supposed to leave until 14.00 hrs? Apparently, whenever there is space on the ferry one can take an earlier ferry. Exactly 12.00 hrs the Ferry left the Dunkirk port and we were two hours ahead on our traveling schedule. This was promising!
The Norfolkline offers a VIP lounge service for only € 10 pp. It is a private lounge on the sixth deck, with free coffee and soda, television and newspapers. The food though is of a poor quality, but it is quiet, you can relax and lay back during the two hours the ferry takes to cross between Dunkirk and Dover. As soon as you leave the Dunkirk harbour, you'll see the White Cliffs of Dover appearing. It really is not much of a distance.

There was one important thing my husband was truly worried about. Though everybody had reassured him it wouldn't be much of a difference, he was really insecure about the fact that he had to drive on the left side of the road. If you're programmed for 40+ years to drive on the right side, how easy is it to be deprogrammed? There was only one way to find out. And I must say, it went smoothly! Sure, it is strange. Sure, I sometimes had the unsettling feeling we were on the wrong side of the road and any time now some car would total us. But all in all....my hubby did great. My daughter and me were alert though. We had promised we would help in watching and make sure he staid on the left side of the road. And it wasn't much needed. Only those roundabouts! If you're used to going right on a roundabout it is very unsettling and it feels unnatural to go left on a roundabout. Throughout the ten days I never got used to those lefthanded roundabouts.

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photo by: vixen2306