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Our flight was from Orlando to Atlanta then direct to Athens.  We got to Orlando airport early to try and catch a flight, allot of the flights to Atlanta were overbooked, so things were not looking too good. 

We waited and waited and waited and after 8 hours of sitting in Orlando airport, knew we weren't going anywere.  We decided to leave.  Since we had already checked our luggage, we had to go pick it back up.  When you fly standby, they mark your luggage as standby too. 

We called a friend who lived close to the airport and he came and got us, we stayed at his house, since we were going to try again flying out on Saturday morning.   There was one small catch though....  the international flight (Atlanta to Athens) only flew every other day, meaning it wasn't going to fly until Sunday.   As I said, this really was an adventure!

Ah, the joy of flying standby!! 

9am Saturday-  We are on a flight for Atlanta!  What are plans were, since the Athens flight didn't fly till Sunday, was we were going to stay at my brothers, who lives in Atlanta,  for the night, then fly out Sunday to Athens.  We were told to pick up our luggage in Atlanta, and we would have to re-check it Sunday. 

We arrive in Atlanta, my brother is at the gate to meet us.  Back then, non-passengers could go to the gates, remember!   We make our way to the baggage claim area.  After waiting and waiting, none of our bags came out.  We went to the lost luggage office.  The agent looks at our tickets, and starts typing into his computer.  He said to us " Well, I found your bags, they are on a flight right now to NYC and will be on a flight tonight for Athens."   I was like what??  NYC?!  So, again the agent start typing away, and said to us... "Well, if you hurry, you can change your passes, fly into LaGuardia
, then take a shuttle to JFK and catch a flight to Athens"   He said the avalibilty on the flights looked somewhat good.  So, since we had to catch up with our luggage, I said, lets do it.  We make a mad dash for the ticketing counter, had our passes changed and had to run to the gate to make the flight to LaGuardia!  We made it!  Said goodbye to my brother, and he wished us luck on our adventure! 

We arrive in NYC!  Caught a shuttle to JFK airport.  We were still pressed for time.  The flight was to leave for Athens at 630pm.  We get to JFK at 545pm and still had to go through security!  Talk about running.  We managed to get to the gate at 610pm-  they were already boarding.  Since we were on standby, we were told to wait and they would call for standby shortly.  Still not knowing if we were going to be on this flight, I was pacing back and forth. 
By now, they have called finale boarding, and we are the only 2 left in the gate area.  What seemed like forever, finally the gate agent picks up her mic and said " All standby passengers please come to the counter"   I was standing 4 ft from the counter and looked all around, I was like, we are the only 2 here!  Anyway, I went to the counter, gave her our passes, she then gave us our boarding tickets, and we made a mad dash.  Running down the jetway, I looked at the boarding cards, and realized then, we were in Business Class!  Well, after everything we had gone though thus far, I thought it was worth it! 

630pm  we are bound for Athens!!  We were given the warm washclothes to start with.  Then of course some incredible wine!  We toasted that we were finally on our way! 
Next we had menus to order our dinner from.  I saved the menus!  We had a five-course meal!   The flight was going to be 9hrs, and with the time change we would be landing in Athens at 1030am.  I had picked up a book on Greece at Borders "Doing Greece for $49 a day!" and read it on the way over.  We had NO reservations!!  So, we needed to figure out were we where staying!   2 hours before we landed, we then had breakfest!  As if the dinner wasn't enough.  Plus we had a fruit/cheese/cookie cart at night that we could take whatever we wanted to.  The Sr. flight attendant knew this was our fight international flight and gave us a bottle of wine to take with us when we landed!  Wow... 

Next blog...  We arrive in Athens!!

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photo by: Johnpro