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Let me FIRST tell you, this was NOT a trip planned to Greece at all.  Our first overseas trip acctually started as a trip to London!  Yes, London.....You don't want to miss this amazing story.... so read on and I will tell you how we ended up in Greece! 

As I mentioned, this was indeed a trip that we had planned for 9 months to London.  We were VERY excited about going.  In fact, we had placed a deposit for a guest house in Islington, (100 British pounds) which is just north of London. 

Here is were the FUN begins and things changed quite quickly......  We were flying on buddy passes.  Buddy Passes are non-reserved seats and you fly stand by.  Although, your tickets are much cheaper then a regular ticket, you take the risk of not getting on the plane.  Our original flight was to leave on Wed 6/9.  On Tues, 6/8,  I contacted the airline to see what the avalibility looked like for standby seats.  Things were Not looking good.  All the flights were overbooked.  I looked at flying into other cities close to London, and we would just take the train.  Well, that didn't work either, all the flights were overbooked.  We looked as far as Paris, and couldn't even get in there. 

We realized very quickly we were Not going to make it to London and had to make a change.  One nice thing, with Buddy Passes, you can change your destination with no penalty.  It was now 11pm, we have friends that have traveled the world and I called him.  That evening he came over with pictures of Greece and Rome.  I quickly called the airline to see about standby seats, and there were plenty avalible to Greece!  So..  That is how are trip started to Greece!   Our flight to Athens was to leave on Friday morning 6/11- We had to re-pack all the luggage and attempt to plan a trip to Greece in 2 days. 
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photo by: Johnpro