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The RT being loaded for the last time for the journey home

Ok, I lied.  Last night I set my alarm for 7am and was on the road by 7:22am.  No breakfast.  I was auxious to get home and a little worn out from the road.  I loaded up the RT for the last time, hit I-64 east and the fog was thick.  Not too thick that I couldn't see but noticeable.  Traffic coming out of West Virginia was thick with tractor trailers.  It took me a while but I worked my way to the front and I was leading the pack.  My goal was to leave the hotel and not have to gas up until I reached Virginia.  Well things didn't quite work out.  I had to get gas in WV.  I pulled off of the interstate and reached the gas station about a mile down the road.  The station was an old country store.

The train in WV holding up my progress.
  I had to cross the railroad tracks to get there.  By the time I was across the tracks, a train was coming.  I figured I will be stuck at this country store for a while.  The gas pumps were old.  The non digital type from back in the day.  I walked in the store and there were pictures of hunting club activies (ATV events, guys with shot guns, etc.).  I paid cash as I was a little worried about using my credit card.   After I gassed up, I started heading back towards the interstate and made a wrong turn onto WV-20.  I realized my mistake and turned around.  While heading back to the main road.  Two dudes, ahole 1 and 2 came flying around the turn in a 80s Toyota Supra.  They must have seen Fast and Furious last night as well.
The country Store
  They were trying to drift around the corner and their vehicle started to understeer (this is when the front tires don't grip to turn the vehicle.  Instead the tires are turned but the vehicle goes straight).  Well ahole 1 & 2's vehicle was coming into my lane.  I wasn't traveling fast and I was able to brake hard.  The RT's ABS kept the bike from sliding and upright.  This allowed them plenty of room to correct their dumb ass mistake.  After they passed I didn't even curse at them, yell or call them names.  I just prayed for them and told myself I better get the hell out of dodge.  After about  100 miles, the fog lifted and the sun came out.  The ride was going good.  I stopped for a leisurely lunch.
Home sweet home
  This time at a more familiar establishment.  No Chuck Wagon Charles for me today.   I arrived home around 2:30pm and it was a great reunion.  Todays ride was a short 396 miles.  I would like to thank my family for allowing me to take this time to participate in one of my dream motorcycle rides.  I would like to thank all of you for reading my blogs and keeping up with the trip.  I hope it was as entertaining to you as it was for me.  In addition to the three other dream rides I would like to do one day, I just added another.  I want to ride from the Atlantic to the Pacific and then up the coast to the furthest part of Alaska.  This however will be done after I retire because I don't want to have any time restraints and the trip will probably take two months.   I was so pleased with my bike.  The RT performed flawlessly.  The electronics worked wonderfully and my gear handled all situations like a champ.  I only had to add a small amount of oil when I left Illinois.  I had the time of my life but I'm tired and my body is a little sore.  By the time I got home, everyone was still on the road.  JP was in Nebraska going back to Illlinois, Rob and Tony were in St. Louis going back to New Jersey and Virginia respectively and had just split, Erskine and Phil were in Oklahoma going back to Kentucky and Alabama.

Some stats:

Days on the road 9

States traveled 15 

total mileage 4115

Gallons used 95.6

Cost of gas $220.47

Lessons learned:

For every five days of riding, you need 1 or 2 days off the bike

I can reduce my clothing by two outfits

Bring my own soap, hotel soap doesn't cut it

Stop when you think of it, the next food or gas stop can be further than you think


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The RT being loaded for the last t…
The RT being loaded for the last …
The train in WV holding up my prog…
The train in WV holding up my pro…
The country Store
The country Store
Home sweet home
Home sweet home
photo by: Andy99