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Got a good nights sleep and checked out of my hotel.

Night quite sure of the exact location but i was off to my morning tour. It was a half day four wheeling tour. I made it just in time. When i pulled up everybody was on the 4wheelers about to ride out. I was so happy they waited 5 minutes for me to do the necesary paperwork and join them. The place we rode was someone's farm. A couple people almost ran into cows. We rode 30 minutes or so up into the moutains. It had an amazing view of the city. The group took a break, snapped a few pictures and chatted around.

We headed back to took and went down some dirt road. At the end was a creek with an abandoned bridge overhead. One of the guides, another person and myself tried to cross the creek.

I feel in. Before I knew it, almost the whole group was playing in the water. SO COOL!!!

NOTE: We played and got along as if we were the best of friends for years. I'm of the opinion that people on vacation are the nicest people in the world. So care free and determined to have a good time.

Anyway, after leaving the creek, we headed on back to some restaurant. They served us complimentary lunches.I couldnt believe it'd gotten so late so fast. After lunch we all went our seperate ways. I drove to town to walk around some. I stepped into some tour place (wave expeditions) to get white water rafting info. Turns I really didnt have the time indulge. I did jump on the rappeling tour that'd be leavingin an hour. It was called pure trek canyoning. They drove us up into the rainforest and we rappelled down 6 waterfalls.  It was cool until I looked over the edge. The picture I took just doesnt do just to how high 90 feet really is. I did suprsing well ;-) The whole tour was funand worth the money. I mean how many people can brag and say they, rappelled down a waterfall in the costa rican rainforest.

After both tours I was pretty tired but felt I was okay to drive back to San Jose. All I can say is there's a worth of difference driving that road at noon and the black of night.

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the main drag in la fortuna
the main "drag" in la fortuna
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La Fortuna
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