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Calais is notorious for bikes being nicked so i put mine in my room just to be safe.
Well 6.5 hours later im in Coquelles, a small town that exists solely because of the Channel Tunnel rail link with England. Coquelles is the first town u seen when u come off the train if ur a car passenger. There's not much to see and do really, theres a massive shopping complex called Cite d'Europe just ouside the town and lots of wholesalers selling cheap booze and fags to English daytrippers, and thats about it. Bit saddle sore, cruised at 90ish which is a bit higher than usual, my 1 piece leathers were really comfy till it started raining outside Le Havre and i had to put my 1 piece waterproofs on, which is like a big bin bag, its a bit tight over the knees which start to hurt after an hour or so. Let's hope thats the last of the rain

I arrived and found a cheap hotel, its part of a chain called B&B Hotels, it was 46 Euros for a double, although a bit more than the Formula 1 (the cheapest and biggest chain in Europe) i did get my own shower, toilet, sink, fresh, mansize towls and a fairly comfy bed. Well worth the extra 9 Euros. They gave me a room on the ground floor and the place was laid out like an American motel u see in films with a covered, raised walkway outside the room and a parking space infront with a lovely view of a commerical estate that the French do so well.

I was looking for somewhere to chain my bike to when it struck me, why dont i just put my bike in the room? I checked no one was around, turned the bed 90 degrees and squeezed it through the door. So now im sat in bed with a very warm motorcycle acting like a 200kg storage heater, maybe i should have let it cool down first....

Meeting my uncles and their friends at 10.30 when they get off the Chunnel tomoro, another 400 odd miles to go and i'll be in motorsport nirvana.
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Calais is notorious for bikes bein…
Calais is notorious for bikes bei…
photo by: James-Knight