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Being a coastal city, Xiamen is not as famous or as modern as Shanghai, but it has something unique and intriguing. Walking on the street, you can see all buildings and streets, even in the very downtown area, are small and delicate. It reveals the hospitality and nature-loving disposition of the local people. I can tell they love life and enjoy life so much. For most of them, it's quite simple to be happy ---- delicious food, happy chat, small business... Everyone seems to be enjoying their own life rather than rush to seek for some unreachable things as people in big cities always do. 

It's not a big city, so often, you can walk for so many blocks before you start to feel tired.

But of course, if you find yourself  there in the summer, just like I did, you probably won't have the mood to walk under the smokingly hot sun just to find yourself all wet in a minute. If you ask me what to do in Xiamen, I'd say it's difficult, but also simple to answer. The fact is there aren't really many things to do there, but just walking along the streets, admiring the architectures, taking good pics, tasting all kinds of local food and watching how people live would be enough for me. Well, I made it more interesting to me. I was on mission everyday ---- I went from alley to alley, just to search for the legendary local food everywhere. So I walked, watched, shoot and ate...

Having said this, still, there are some places you should make sure you don't miss on your trip ---- West Hubin Rd. to enjoy the beautiful scene of the lake, Nan Putuo Temple to see the devoutness of people, University of Xiamen to feel the romance of the red building and blue sea, Huandao Rd. to ride an bike around the island, and Zhongshan Rd. to give yourself a good treat with delicious food and the shopping.

All in all, it's not a city to explore, but a city to relax.

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photo by: westwind57