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NOT MY IMAGE The scottish border on the way into Scotland

Obviously having just crossed the Scottish border, it was now down to just keeping up with time. It was important that I dont arrive too late or else the animals I had left at home might be stiff when I got back, and I didnt really know how long it was going to take me to get to the top of Nevis, nor was I really aware what to expect at the top. Driving past fields of cabbage covered in plastic sheets, and being in warm sun, it was hard to imagine a few thousand feet making a difference, it felt warmer here than it did back home.

Eventually I was off the main roads and into the country lanes, with beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see.

Its interesting though just how much some of the Scots hate the English. I stopped in a small petrol station in Callendar, and felt intimidated by some farmer giving me the evils for being English.

My faithful steed in front of the mountains that make up the valley around Callander
Its so strange because no English person I have ever met has anything against the Scots, yet some of them still have issues with us, presumably I put it down to watching too much Braveheart. I was expecting instant decapitation, my head put into a basket and taken straight to the Tower Of London. Of course slight exaggeration, but my point is that the Scots have been running England since New Labour took power in 1997. Both Blair and Brown were of scottish families. The Scots have their own Parliament, whereas the English dont, and the Scots have free prescriptions and universities. Its overwhelmingly better for them, and they live in a beautiful landscape! But lets not get too political.

Being from Essex high hills and mountains is definately something im not used to.

The start of the journey. The first path leading up. (This isnt Ben Nevis, unfortunately Ben Nevis is right of this picture and considerably taller.)
A hill in my book would not even class as a mole hill in Scotland. As a result I found myself getting strangely dizzy whilst driving, I think from where I was unable to grasp where the hell the horizon was supposed to be.

I arrived at the Ben Nevis visitors centre around 11:30, which was good time, and was very surprised when the people in the centre told me parking was free. Unbelievable! Having driven around the area for a little while, I felt almost dissapointed. "This doesnt seem very high" I thought to myself. Looking up of course you can only see the false summits. The real peak was probably another 1000 ft up from what I could see from the bottom. I got my gear together almost straight away, and was off down the beaten track, ready to climb the highest peak in the UK.

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The scottish border …
NOT MY IMAGE The scottish border…
My faithful steed in front of the …
My faithful steed in front of the…
The start of the journey. The firs…
The start of the journey. The fir…
The mountains around Callander
The mountains around Callander
Some small hills at the base of Be…
Some small hills at the base of B…
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