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It was more or less a last minute decision to leave when I did. The hoover was still left out when I left the house, as was the washing up which I have yet to do. My original idea to leave early Wednesday morning I realised was a bad one, other wise I would have to drive up without a break, all the way to Scotland and climb 4400ft in one day. House work had to wait, I had to leave at that moment or else I would never have gone, probably finding some excuse in the morning. The pet Rats and Rabbits were fed way too much food to compensate me being away in the vain hope they have sense to ration it, and I was gone.

From Potters Bar I took the A1 all the way. The A1 although a more narrow road than other motorways, I find much quicker. Since it is narrow, less people seem to take it.

NOT MY IMAGE Ferrybridge power station lays right next to the A1. Looks clean enough to me...
Having mentioned Bamburgh earlier that day in a review of the place on this website, I decided to stop and take a nap there in the car, and continue with the rest of the 200 odd miles in the morning.

I maintained slow speeds all the way up, almost a quarter of the way I used a lorry to draft off of to save on fuel, something which made no odds in the end since coming back home was a mad rush. Going slow is certainly relaxing, and gives the driver the chance to take in at least some of the views. Plenty of power stations if you like that sort of thing lol.

For some reason, every long road in the UK now has an speed camera on, so if you are travelling long distance within the UK do be aware. Fortunately they are usually well marked and signposted. This country has an obsession with making money out of motorists at the moment.

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Ferrybridge power …
NOT MY IMAGE Ferrybridge power…
Potters Bar
photo by: LordRose