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My first pisco of the day

Today , 28 July, is the independence´s day, and as proudly peruvian started with the celebration a day before :)

Hey wont think wrong, you dont need to drink when you celebrate, and since I was working (yeah was a little jelouse of ALL the people, 80% of the country, perhaps, not sure, but think so.... because they had an extra day OFF!!!! ) Every year we have 2 off days because the independece, but since this year both days were during the week, the goberment let the an open criteria to have a monday as an extra off day, sooo the people could leave Lima or the city on friday and have a mini vacation until thrusday....

How did I celebrate??? Eating an awasome tiradito de pescado, tequeños filled with shrimps, rice with seafood and chicharron de mariscos.

The show at the buffe
.. yami... but since that was during my lunch break (1 single hour) :(  .. drunk a cold fresh lemonade  ......

But that was the start of everything.....

I was getting ready for the main celebration... we use to have a parade, (kind of boring if you already saw), but since the A1H1N1 the goberment canceled for this year.. soooo most of the people who stayed at the city went to downtown... Me???? Nope... what for, for being there under the rain and watch the president.... NOOO WAYYYY (you might conclude I dont choose him in the past election... well I need to confess I voted for him but not as a believer, it was a election and decided to chose for the less worse..... a long long story).

I was looking around what to do, while was chatting with a new friend.

See that guy with the cam... it was soo funny
.. I dont have met him, but will do it next week!!! yeah have to confess I am quite exciting... he is a new friend and really enjoy chatting.... think have chatting a lot in the last week... When a TB friend (hey I know her before being over here in this website  ;) ,, I wont say her name, because since she is a very active TB you might guess whom I am talking about..... ) called me to enjoy with her friends.

I told her I didnt want to go to downtown but would accept to go to a buffe, and we did. I was kind of shoking when I saw the long row at the gate of the restaurant. Anyway I went and wrote my name on the list. 35 min, I really though we wouldnt make it... we got a TABLE !!! and the best of all, near the principal table, I mean from the buffe. Our table was in an strategic location!!!!!

I continued eating ceviche, causa, solterito, sangrecita, and as a drink chosed first Chicha morada, then inca kola and a Maracuya Sour (pisco sour with the pasion fruit).

Who has the bigger spoon!!! well done ;p
Was really really full.

The atmosphere in the restaurand was terrific, there were peruvian music , from the coast, anden, and rainforest. Just incredible. And at the end there was like a little show. All the maitresses went on the bar and started to dance. It was kind of funny, and more watching all the men with opened mouth and eyes, and with saliva drops coming from the mouth..... just funny.

We agreed on something.... the waiting at the gate gave their fruit, I mean since we came inside pretty late (near 3 pm, and the buffe is until 5pm) we could stay longer, there were not so crowed, and they gave that show for the people we were in that moment. Hours before it might be impossible to do that, since there are a lot of people crying for food and attention.


Once we were full, each one take a different direction. In my case, I went shopping.... in the main court of Barranco, there was a little market, with sourvenirs and peruvian gifts. I couldnt resist and got  1 awesome silver earings and a silver ring. In Peru there is a important place where silver is used to do jewels with an particular tecnik.. the place is Catacaos, and they work  like spinning the silver. I got an excelend prize , earings + ring for just $25 !!! Hey it is 100% silver 950.

Then since, i really wanted to go out and dance, though... hey I need a flag on me... yeah why dont doing my nails with a peruvian flag on it.... but.....

The celebration at the Surco Mayor court
..everything was closed. If I had a hairdresser, I would never close those days... why not??? I knot those are off days, but hey! people who use to work a lot are FREE, I mean there is MONEY on the street... they are people,  from female world, who want to get pampered and look pretty to go out for dancing..... but nooooo ...and then they wonder why they cant do enough money.... !!!!!!

After that frustration, went to my place to recover energy.. STARBUCK .... and met my friend and TB too again, she was with another friend. We talked for a while and met a really funny guy from California , though. But we had some more plans and had to leave that place.

We were not so sure what to do, and after change the plans over and over and over.... ending on a BBQ in a hostel of some friends.

That guy dressed with black/red is Huajaja
The mood was ok but it was not the one I wanted. I was dying to hear affro music and dance !!!!!! My friend remembered there will be a ceremony in a main court of a district, Surco, and we went over there.

In the main court there was a garden with fences. There were people insice, police at the gate and a lot of people outside the fence. In the center of the garden there were people playing music and dancing with the traditional costume. As it was allowed to drink alcohol at the street, we said whatever..... walked around the little shops and got 2 bottles of peruvian semi-dry red wine!!!! That for 4 people... it was a good porcion..... lol

there were selling food to, but I was still full. We were walking at the gate of the fence when saw people coming out, and people going in, I call everyone and could go inside !!!!!!!! And then the best of all, they started to play the music I wanted, and then came Huajaja!!!! He is a singer of that particular music.

The second pisco
I was trying to remember the name of the peña (kind of pup)  where he plays and then like magic, he was there singing for us !!!!!!

One hour after, the show was over, but the night was still young.... We went to Barranco again, tried to go to a peña and was closed??? Yeah WHO CLOSE a peña during those days !!!!!!! Peña is like a pub but with traditional music.... We ended in the same place we went to get the buffe, I didnt know it turns to a pub at night. The atmosphere was waresome !!!!! sooo continued with the celebration with pisco , of course..... Got 2 Machupicchu.... and think it was tooooooo much !!!!!! But I got fun.

Since I know the medicine to revive (the chili´s magic salad) .... it was fine for me.

But between more pisco for this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kerisina says:
well it was a funny day ;p
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
almond72 says:
What a funny description of your day !
Posted on: Jul 30, 2009
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My first pisco of the day
My first pisco of the day
The show at the buffe
The show at the buffe
See that guy with the cam... it wa…
See that guy with the cam... it w…
Who has the bigger spoon!!! well d…
Who has the bigger spoon!!! well …
The celebration at the Surco Mayor…
The celebration at the Surco Mayo…
That guy  dressed with black/red i…
That guy dressed with black/red …
The second pisco
The second pisco
The last one.....
The last one.....
Recovering energy
Recovering energy
The ring.... love it !!!
The ring.... love it !!!
And the erings....
And the erings....
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