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The town of Banff
I got up at 4 AM to catch my 6:45 AM flight from Orange County, CA via San Fransisco to Calgary.  No direct flights from the OC.  My flight was late leaving by 40 minutes due to a light in the cockpit not functioning properly.  We made up most of the delay in the air and landed in San Fransisco only 10 minutes behind schedule.  Unfortunately, we could not access our Gate as another United plane was occupying it.  We waited another 20 minutes on the Tarmac before finally making our way to our gate.  My connection time between planes was only 40 minutes.  I high tailed it across the airport but alas they would not let me on my departing flight to Calgary as they had just closed the door : (.
..Very frustrating as I could see my plane sitting there without me on it. 

I was re-booked on United partner, Air Canada departing at 1:15 pm as their were no earlier available flights.  It was 8:45 in the morning...UUgh!  My arrival time in Calgary was originally just past 12 noon and now I would not be in Calgary until 5:30pm.  The group was meeting for dinner at 5pm in Banff

I finally arrived in Calgary.  By the time I retrieved my luggage and had obtained my rental car it was 6:45pm.  I hit the road and made it to Banff in 1 hour.  The drive from Calgary to Banff is beautiful.  Starts off with green farmland which makes way to majestic mountains.
Had to take this one. The grocery carts are locked up and require a 25 cent deposit which you get back when you return the cart.
  It was starting to storm and I could see lightning over the mountains.  When I arrived at the Inns of Banff which was my  hotel for the weekend to check in the skys opened up.  It rained hard and actually starting hailing.  Mark (Travelman) called me to check on my status.  Mark was with the rest of the group at the top of Sulphur mountain after taking the Gondola to the top.  Amazingly they were dry at the top of the mountain as we were being drenched below.

I made my way to the local Safeway to pick up some snacks and beer and wine for the room.  I went to get a grocer cart and they were all locked up?  I discovered that you must pay a quarter as a deposit to use a shopping cart.  When you return the cart your quarter is returned. In all my travels I have never come across this before but it makes sense.
I picked up some snacks and could not locate the liquor section.  Lightbulb goes on...that's right in Canada they do not sell liquor in their grocery stores, you must go to a liquor store to purchase alcohol.  So off I g to the local liquor store.  Now I am set with snacks, food and wine.

I am now hungry as I have not eaten since around 12 noon.  Most of the resturaunts stop serving food at 10 PM.  It is now 9:45 pm...hmmm.  I had no idea it was so late as it is bright daylight still out.  It dosn't really get dark here until around 10:30 pm.  Mark returns from the Gondola ride and he and I set off to Chilis to get me some grub.  Now I am feeling much better after their buffulo chicken salad which I love and a margarita on the rocks with salt.

I decide to call it a night as I am exhausted from being up since 4am .  We are to meet tomorrow as a group at Brunos for Brunch.
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The group met up at 11:30 AM at Brunos off of Caribou street in Banff for Brunch.  I had already eaten at my hotel earlier as my breakfast was included.  However, I ordered an Iced Tea and English muffin since breakfast had been several hours earlier to tide me over until dinner.  Our server had to be flagged down to take our order after we had been there for some time.  When the food finally came we did not have any silverware to eat it with and had to request silverware.  Everyones coffees or teas were empty and again we had to request refills.  My total for one plain english muffin and iced tea with lousy service was just over $10.
The town of Banff
The town of Banff
Had to take this one.  The grocery…
Had to take this one. The grocer…
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