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If you follow ski racing at all, you may know about Cody Marshall. He is on the US Ski Team (the B team) and was an 2010 Olympic hopeful. His older brother, Jesse, and younger sister, Chelsea, are also part of the US Ski Team. Almost two weeks ago, Cody suffered from a near fatal fall in Park City. He was out with his team mates and accidently fell backward nearly 30ft and landed on his head. One team mate performed emergency respiratory breathing while waiting for the ambulance. Cody suffered two major contusions, but luckily has no broken bones, and is making progress in his recovery. He was put into a medically induced coma for many days while the doctors were hoping to control his vitals and help his brain recover gently (the coma helps to prevent seizures common to any major head injury).

Just a few days ago he began to respond to his friends and family. Part of his skull had to be removed to relieve the pressure on his brain, and cannot be replaced for the next three months. He is now fighting more than just the contusions, he has developed pneumonia (common for coma), and has a low grade infection in his brain they are working to track, control, and heal. His sister has not left his side since this happened, nor has his brother. They have been providing daily updates on his progress and have been giving detailed reports on the procedures Cody has been through.    

It is going to be at least a year before Cody can return to training. His siblings have sacrificed their training (as have many of his friends on and off the team) to be with him. Besides the time and dreams his family has sacrificed, they are working to make sure they can pay for the best medical treatment possible; the hospital bill, along with all the other expenses (travel, lodging, food, etc...) they need all the moral support they can get.

Beyond learning and supporting Cody's progress, we can all take away something more. This can happen to anyone at anytime. A simple fall, a small bump on the head, even a crack in one's neck can lead to life altering/ending outcomes. How many times have we heard about people dying from ski accidents resulting in head injuries? Several famous people died already, several amazing skiers are very lucky to be alive, and yet many people still have a cavalier attitude toward head injuries. No one, no family, no friends deserve the kind of trauma a head injury instigates. The website I am about to post deals with all of this. It provides instructions/indications of head trauma (what to and what not to worry about), when and how to act on it, and part of the process, the drugs, the potential outcomes, and so, that come along with head injuries. No one has teh right to be ignorant on this matter. Having suffered a major injury, similar to Cody's, this is an issue close to my heart.

So PLEASE if you have a chance, read a blog, leave a comment, send a card, buy a t-shirt...just show some support for his situation and struggle. ALL comments are read and so appreciated by the family and his friends; it will not only touch their heart, but your's as well (if it doesn't...well you have issues haha ;)  ).   Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!

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