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There’s one traditional stereotype with which you’re nearly always confronted if you’re a German. Not exactly sure why but most of the foreign people are convinced that lederhosen as stylish accessory, veal sausages with sweet mustard for lunch and a kind of funny accent characterize the common German. Maybe that's why mature Bavarians both male and female are supposed to have a stately appeareance combined with a cordial character, which is a pretty memorable composition. Maybe it's because of the internationally well-known Oktoberfest celebrated every autumn. Maybe it's because many people just like a mix of this kind of extraordinary style of traditional Bavarian fashion, mentality, language and hospitality. Let’s see I neither own diverse lederhosen nor have I ever eaten a veal sausage nor am I able to speak in this very special dialect. (Okay, there’s another dialect spoken where I live but at least fellow countrymen don’t need a dictionary to understand me. ;) If a real Bavarian talks to me I would definitely need a translator.)

I don’t really mind this stereotype because many nationalities are put into a certain pigeon-hole, fair enough.
I just wanted to say that the Bavarian culture is also worth discovering for all Germans who live beyond the land of lederhosen and steins of beer.
The trip to Bavaria started early in the morning when Dad and my younger sister, Granddad and I left our home. Did Mum, my youngest sister and Grandma really heaved a sigh? Probably â€˜cause they were looking forward to some quieter days at home.

After almost 9 hours of driving (or rather admiring numerous lighted brake lights) we finally arrived in Hammer, which is a small village not too far away from Munich. We were going to live in some dearly relatives’ holiday home there.

Afternoon tea, unpacking our luggage, dinner and watching TV for a little while were the following points on the list. Sure thing, we would call it a day soon!

missandrea81 says:
A special thanks, from a Bavarian girl to a fellow German. I couldn't have said it better. :))
Posted on: Nov 24, 2009
reikunboy says:
nice one, kora
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
bernard69 says:
Perhaps one of the reasons why these people have an effusive character is their location in the south?(like people of Marseille and around, in France)!
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
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View from the window
View from the window
photo by: Koralifix