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Sorbian costumes
Just staying at home wasn’t in our minds that afternoon. After we had read an ad about the festival parade that was going to take place in Burg, a little town in the Spreewald later on, we decided to join the crowd of supraregional spectators.
The parade consisted of 70 floats of which each represented another historic picture. Every float/picture embodied a special episode from former life including different occupational groups, rooted traditions and means of transportation.

It was both quite special and entertaining to see all these ambitious people, young and old, who brought certain values and attitudes back to life.

It must have been a completely other way of life many decades ago!
Back then there were families, who had to earn the necessary bread and butter with the help of rustic work like stomping Sauerkraut or stripping hens’ feathers.
Water go!
… The means of transportation were beautifully designed but rather unhandy (seen from our point of view). Wooden running wheels, bikes with enormously high front wheels and tiny back wheels and fire engines, which had to be pulled and pushed from strong men were as usual as carriages. … The fashion was a pretty combination of simple working clothes and extravagant and fancy costumes including colourful embroideries and top hat. … The good old times!
The parade also presented the changing from historic times to life in today’s age - yep, there were definitely contrasts visible!

But the Spreewald region is also known for its Sorbian communities that try to preserve familiar traditions and habits as language, celebrations and clothing style beyond this dominating superficiality, which’s often preferred in our society. Thumbs up!

JP-NED says:
Interesting parade!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2009
gejah says:
this is nice. Like to see such an parade here instead of only funny costumes!!
Posted on: Sep 04, 2009
huibdos says:
A quality CO2 footprint.
Seriously: Abolish car and computer and we are saved.
Posted on: Sep 04, 2009
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Sorbian costumes
Sorbian costumes
Water go!
Water go!
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photo by: Koralifix