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Still hoping for a tiny sunbeam ...
The second weekend of July should become a rollicking and entertaining get-together with family and friends.
The reason for this jolly feast was the 40th anniversary of the cottage colony, where my grandparents own a neat cottage near the lake. All of
us were looking forward to this event firstly ‘cause a family gathering can never be wrong, secondly ‘cause a happy feast with heaps of fun
activities, good food and memorable stories wouldn’t to be sneezed either!
Okay, off we headed into a frolic Saturday with countless hours of sunshine and good mood.
The sunshade often transformed into an umbrella
… Hang on, that was what it was supposed to be but the weather god either didn’t want to sweeten this party too much or mixed up the seasons, nothing further is known. Anyway, the weather was pretty changeable and it felt as if we were rather joining a Thanksgiving barbecue than a summer party.
The arrival on the backseat of a motor scooter wasn't as comfy as it could have been but nevertheless I savoured the ride quite a lot. But thanks to a free fast lane and weatherproof clothes we survived almost as dry as a prune.

The feast was organized by many of the cottage owners so that a kind of ‘we are a big family’ atmosphere dominated! The people just defied the grey clouds and rain either thanks to sporty activities, coat and scarf or a certain amount of free beer - each his own.


It was definitely an event for all age groups.

The kiddies enjoyed heaps of cheerful games, horseback riding and their free chips and bratwurst. A boat parade and both a boules competition and a beach volleyball tournament entertained the parents and grandparents. Sure thing, some of us got more active than others but all of us had a fun-filled time. Isn’t it interesting to see how many volleyball experts were among us but just a few of them didn’t have a sore ankle or held the right sportswear ready? Always the same … ;-)

After so much excitement we urgently needed a refreshment in form of a piece of delicious home-made cake and coffee. Many ambitious hobby bakers had created quite a lot of tasty pastries, cakes and pies. How did I like this?

Later on the evening/night was filled with good and mostly danceable music, a raffle, more (hearty) treats and reminiscing.
All in all definitely a fine way to spend a day off. :-)
gimpel says:
when i was in Germany this year we had great weather.But i see you had a great day.
Posted on: Sep 30, 2009
RH122 says:
The best family path is the road travelled together -Wes Fessler
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
rintjez says:
it's always summer here Kora! hahaha!
Posted on: Jul 29, 2009
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Still hoping for a tiny sunbeam ...
Still hoping for a tiny sunbeam ...
The sunshade often transformed int…
The sunshade often transformed in…
photo by: Koralifix