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There are always two sides of the same coin! And everyone, who has travelled by German trains will agree without hesitation.

No doubt, we can be absolutely proud of a large, well-expanded railway system combined with an obviously grandiose structured schedule. Passengers are brought fast from A to B and goods are transported efficiently. Trains are definitely a cornerstone of people’s life!


Going on holiday by train brings the comfort of a (hopefully) less stressful and free of traffic jams journey ‘cause you can lean back in a nice seat, enjoy a couple of neat views like cities' skylines or golden fields and deepen into a good book or delightful chats with people from all over the place.


Well, sounds good and promising but as I said, there’s a second ‘dark’ site of this way of getting to know country and people.

Such a train ride is lesser enjoyable when the beginning of your travel is delayed for at least 15 to 30 minutes, you have to fight for a small seat squeezed between a grumpy gentleman, screaming kids and heavy suitcases (be happy if you don’t have to stay and struggle around during your trip), the controller tells you something about an invalid ticket so that you have to pay an additional amount, the train stops several time because of unforeseeable incidents and you have to rush to the platform at the completely other end of the station to get the connecting train, where the same procedure begins again.

This scenario sounds pretty far-fetched but could only be a foretaste of true adventure!


If it wasn’t that annoying I would love to laugh about the many (and sometimes crazy) excuses made by the Deutsche Bahn.
Here are only some of them from a nearly never-ending list: ‘a failure in operation’, ‘waiting for some more travellers’, ‘vandalism’, ‘emergency doctor needed’, ‘deer on the tracks’, ‘too many travellers’, 'problems with the catenary system' ‘strike’, ‘technical defect’, ‘suicidal person or silly kids on the track’, ‘instruction works’… Well, well, well, almost everything you can think of is possible!


However, apart from these tiny exceptions and surprises travelling by train is good fun! Try it, (and if you're lucky enough not to get into any kind of trouble) you may like it!

sarahsan says:
Quite an adventure! I´m sure Deutsche Bahn is not the only railway with creative excuses for delays! In Italy you don´t get any explanations at all.
Posted on: Oct 03, 2009
gimpel says:
The spanisch railway is the same. From barcelona to hospitalet took us three hours and four transfers instead of one way in one hour.And because my spanish is not good,till today i didn't know the reason of that.

cheers richard
Posted on: Sep 30, 2009
aloneinthecrowd says:
Hehehe, this sounds familar to me. Last sunday we were delayed about 30 minutes due to a technical defect. We stopped somewhere in the "pampa" and nobody knew what's gonna happen now. After 15 minutes the controller told us about the damage and they need a few minutes to fix it. Fortunately it was our train back home.
Posted on: Sep 30, 2009
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