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I'm here, mom!!!
It was almost 9pm when we arrived home. We just parked when the door opened. It was mom. We have telepathy, hahaha. After hugs and kisses I came inside and was amazed that Gunther didn't come to the door barking. "Mmm, where is he, mom?" Mom told me he was at the backyard. Nobody had time to take him to the grooming and was smelly. What?!?!?!

I don't care about that. He's my baby!!! So mom opened the door and I said very loud: "Bebito! Come in!" He was so excited, jumped and started to bark telling me he wanted to welcome me, but he wasn't allowed to do it and felt embarrassed of not looking good enough for me, awwww.

It was so good to see mom and Gunther. Dad wasn't in town, but he called me when I was at the airport, so he knew I was back and safe. Anyway from that minute and for the next couple of days Gunther didn't let me move if he wasn't by my side.
new magnets for my collection :)

Well, I knew I was going back to Ecuador soon - in less than 3 weeks - so I wanted to finish this blog as soon as possible and was writing as crazy the last few days. I thing I did a good work. I finished it, but not all, since I left the reviews for later. Anyway, I wasn't even in the middle when the blog got featured, yay!!! Furthermore, one of my reviews got featured too. Thank you all, TB friends!!! You are the greatest!!! :)

Blog didn't take me as long as the reviews or my souvenirs. I collect magnets and tried to find them everywhere I went in Ecuador, but I couldn't. Did I quit? No way! I decided to make them by my own, hehehe. I'd buy a souvenir and turn it into a fridge magnet, just needed the magnet. I couldn't find it in Ecuador and neither in Lima. OMG! Then Shawn told me he was going to the USA and could bring it for me, how sweet!!!! So after a couple of weeks, my magnets' collection is ready :)
yadilitta says:
Thanks for the compliment (Gunther)
Posted on: Aug 19, 2009
Aopaq says:
Gunther is a real cutie!!
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
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Im here, mom!!!
I'm here, mom!!!
new magnets for my collection :)
new magnets for my collection :)
but, Im not looking that good...
but, I'm not looking that good...
why did you leave me???
why did you leave me???
blog got featured, yay!!! Thank yo…
blog got featured, yay!!! Thank y…
and review too!!!!
and review too!!!!
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