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Easy Riding
Is there a better to explore the country side - the REAL VIETNAM - than hopping on a motorbike, and ride? No! That's the moto of the Easy Rider (google it).In Hue, they have their on website ( and even facebook page.
The hotel manager introduced Tu to me. Tu is an easy rider and easily convinced me around a coffee to follow him for what was going to be my best travel experience so far.  Tu showed me his guestbook, signed by dozens of travellers from all over the world, everyone expressing their joy after a 1-day trip along Hue, 2-day trip in the DMZ zone, 2-week journey from Hanoi to HCM, etc.
No doubt that was exactly what I was looking for. Discovering the inside of Vietnam, the real country side, the real people, with a local guy to get the best out of it. Here we go.

I met Tu around 9am, and we left Hue for the 2-day trip at 9:15am, heading to north to Phong Dien, Dong Ha, the former demilitarized zone, Lao Bao (in the mountain, close to the Laos border), and back to Hue through the tortuous and magnificient mountain road. .. DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone. Say it, and you will immerse yourself in the Vietnam War era. This sector is full of history, full of people haunted by awful memories. Tu and I stopped at some spots in the DMZ (a church, a restaurant, a traffic circle, etc.) and randomly he could start to tell me some stories and events that happened during the war.
I could imagine how horrible this period was for the local people who were not stakeholders in the conflict. NB : Like in Hanoi, you can visit some historical places and headquarters of former military forces and other museums. I have to mention that most museums in Vietnam are, generally speaking, pretty biased as they only feature atrocities performed by the US army (be warned, very raw photos of killed or severely injured citizens are often displayed without prior notice) whereas I never saw anything regarding the attacks of VC - Viet Cong - that also killed thousands of civilians.

Lao Bao, Lu'oi and back to Hue
In the evening of day 1, we had dinner and slept at Lao Bao, a small town located near the Laos border. I have to admit we had a delicious meal along with Vietnamese beer, lots of beer haha.
..In the same hotel, there was a gathering of former military guys who know how to keep friendship alive with the help of course. Anyway, Tu and I was pretty tired of the journey so they did not bother us at all. It was actually bringing some extra fun in the trip :) 7am (or so), time to leave and ride back all the way to Hue on the craggy sinuous road. Along the way, you can admire the landscape, the river and, as usual, Tu will stop from time to time to meet some friendly locals. Unforgettable.  We arrived at Hue around 5pm and Tu invited me to a friend to enjoy home-made nems (fried vietnamese spring rolls) as he knew I was a fanatic of this delicacy. .. once again, an unforgettable moment. The following morning, Tu drived me at the airport. We made a roundabout to Phu'Bai (I'm not sure of the name though) for a cold coffee, watching the sunrise, in a village where farmers were getting settled and ready for a day of work.

Conclusion : when in Vietnam, Easy Ride!
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Lao Bao
photo by: paliums