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Votive candles - Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Besides being a high school history teacher, I am also a photographer. I don't buy souvenirs on my trips. Instead, I take photos. Years ago when I shot film, I used to plan on taking about 36 pictures per day. Now, I have a digital camera and I take around 600 photos on a 10 day trip.

I own a Canon 5D, which is a high resolution DSLR. When I first started to travel to Europe I was tempted to take all of my best lenses but I have found that carrying a relatively heavy camera and several heavy lenses everywhere all day wears me down. So instead I carry a fairly basic travel kit. It consists of a 24-105 image stabilized zoom, a 1.4 50mm, a 17-24 wide angle zoom and a 70 - 300 zoom telephoto. This summer I think I will leave the telephoto lens home. All of my camera equipment, incidentally, fits in a Mountainsmith fanny pack.
Pizza - Provence

Sometimes I wish that I had a small point a shoot camera but I guess that since photography is one of the reasons I travel, I don't mind lugging all of this stuff around.

Travel Tip: High, Medium or Low Digital Quality?
Digital cameras allow a variety of quality settings that can be a little confusing. The temptation is to set your camera to the mode that will let you get as many shots as possible on a card. The trade-off is that you get low resolution photos. They might look good on your computer but if you want to make an enlargement of that award winning photo, you may be out of luck. My suggestion is that you set your camera to a fairly high resolution, buy extra cards and periodically go through you photos and weed out the bad ones.
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Votive candles - Notre Dame Cathed…
Votive candles - Notre Dame Cathe…
Pizza - Provence
Pizza - Provence
photo by: sshephard