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I am calling this entry location “Cincinnati,” though that’s not exactly accurate because we are actually somewhere over Newfoundland or the western Atlantic. I feel like I’ve been awake for a couple days already. It is 9:30 pm Watertown time and 5:30 am Corfu time and I’m still somewhere in between. I hope when I arrive in London in six hours our so, I’ll be on London time. When I am done writing, I plan on sleeping for a couple hours. But before I do, I have a two observations.

First, as we boarded the shuttle bus that took us from our arrival terminal to the departure terminal, I guess the novelty of it all made us look a little bit conspicuous. Amanda described us as being like “country mice.” I think that is a very apt description. I think a country mouse would be friendly, trusting, curious and a little bit wide-eyed. That’s us.

On the airplane, as I watched Julia, who is sitting across the aisle from me, struggle with opening the package of cheese spread that came with our supper, I had to smile. Minutes before, I had puzzled over the same problem. I shared my technique with her and it occurred to me that learning comes in many sizes. In a few short hours we learn fairly complicated skills such as making our way through large airports onto big jets to less complicated things such as opening a package of cheese. The learning is all good and it’s a big part of these trips

Incidentally, I had decided before this trip that this would be my last student trip. But I have already enjoyed this great group of people so much today that I am wondering about the wisdom of this decision. This is my 12th European trip but going with young people tends to make it feel a little bit like the first time for me. These people aren’t jaded and they seem to be willing to embrace the differences they encounter. I hope they grow up to be our leaders.

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photo by: vulindlela