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Us (Photo by Kind Stranger)
4:02 AM: Sheraton Cincinnati Airport. It is ironic that the best room I have had on the whole trip is the room that I didn’t ask for. Because our plane was late leaving Rome, we missed a close connection to Minneapolis. Fortunately, our being late was not “an act of God” and Delta is footing the bill for our rooms and giving us two $7 food vouchers. We all wanted to be home but after I talked to a lady who had been stuck in the Cincinnati airport with her family for two days, I decided things could be worse. In her case, it was weather so she was paying for her stay in an airport that is very nice but not a true tourist destination. Incidentally, our plane left Rome late because it was randomly selected to be thoroughly sniffed by bomb dogs.

My students are handling this challenge in the same way they’ve handled all of the rest: they show acceptance and even a sense of humor. Last night, once we got to our beautiful rooms in the Airport Sheraton, a majority of the group hung out with me in my room talking about most anything. I said it is a good sign that after 15 very intense days in close proximity to each other that we still want to be together. I think they have heard me say that I need my quiet time away from people and perhaps some think that I don’t want them around me any more. But the real truth is that I enjoy their company and that I would be pretty lonely without them.

Our flights back to Minneapolis are via eclectic routes. Amanda goes directly to Minneapolis, Julia and Angie go to Atlanta first, and I and the rest go first to Denver. Weeeee! I wouldn’t normally allow the group to be split up but finding a single flight that accommodates 7 people is apparently impossible because of all of the backed up air traffic that has been caused by bad weather in the Midwest. I heard thunder just before falling asleep last night. I hope the weather has cleared this morning.

Incidentally, I went to sleep around 9:30 last night and woke up around 3:30 this morning. I consider this a bit of a success for a person who stuggles with jetlag coming home from Europe. TJ is my room mate and he is still sleeping soundly. I am jealous of young people who can sleep anywhere and anytime.

As for me, I am awake, fairly lucid, and excited about getting on the road again.

Later. . .

(Somewhere over Colorado): I heard a lady growl this morning. Really – a loud, short animal growl. She was at the ticket counter ahead of us trying to get to Albuquerque. Apparently, Albuquerque is harder to get to this morning than it is to spell. When told that there weren’t easy connections out of Minneapolis, Denver or Atlanta, the lady let out a growl. I cowered. My students stared. The Delta ticket lady was patient and helpful. So was Mike, who helped get us situated and who assured me that all of my students had boarding passes to all of our flights.

It was at the ticket counter that I said goodbye to Amanda, Julia and Angie. As I watched them walk away, I was hoping that we would have a reunion sometime soon.

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Us (Photo by Kind Stranger)
Us (Photo by Kind Stranger)
photo by: vulindlela