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My Suitcase
I have a countdown clock on my computer and the title of this blog entry is how long before we leave for England. We started planning this trip over a year ago and it seems hard to believe that we are so close to leaving.

Because my countdown clock for my trip to Eastern Europe and Greece reads "13 days, 10 hours 43 minutes," I am soon going to abandon this blog and pick up with my "Europe With Deb" blog. I hope you take some time to check that one out. I hope to be able to post both comments and photos from time to time as we progress on our journey. I suppose my first trip to Europe this summer will tell me whether my laptop will be a blessing or a curse. It will be good to keep my travel journal there but I’m not sure finding places to post will be easy.

I have been shopping for travel clothes lately and I think I have what I need.
My Pants
I don’t really like shopping that much but I have decided I need to update my travel wardrobe. Almost everything that I have traveled with in the past has been cotton. My thinking was that “cotton is cool,” which is true. But as I’ve downsized the amount of clothing I’ve taken, the trade-off is that I am washing clothes in the hotel room and hanging them to dry. And as far as drying time is concerned, cotton is not “cool,” which is to say, it takes a long time for it to dry.

So, with the exception of 1 pair of blue jeans, all of my clothing is made out of synthetic fabrics. The advantages? Synthetic fabrics are lighter weight than cotton and they dry much faster. On my trip with Deb, weight is important because one flight we are on has a suitcase weight limit of 33 pounds.
I Have More Hair
When you add camera/electronic gear and a computer in with all of the clothing, I come close to that maximum.

For those who are interested, here’s my clothing packing list:

4 T-shirts (blue, gray, tan, white) (North Face, REI and Columbia)
1 Polo shirt (dark blue) (Under Armour)
1 Long sleeved pullover (made by Nike)
1 Short Sleeved dress shirt (Royal Robbins)
1 Khaki Convertible Pants (lower legs zip off) (REI)
1 Marmot lightweight hooded rain proof jacket (very compact)
1 Pair shorts (designed to work as a swimming suit, too) (Columbia)
4 Pair socks
4 Pair underwear
1 Pair walking shoes
1 Pair flip flops
1 Golf cap
1 Suit & Tie (for the airplane)

I’m just kidding about the suit. I see people dressed up to travel but they seem to get the same poor service I am getting and I’m wearing blue jeans.
A Full Head of Hair!

Anyway, I packed everything yesterday and it fits in my 20” rolling bag. My wife saw me packing and asked if “I didn’t have better things to do?” (Like replace the door handle, work on my graduate courses, wash the cars, walk the cat, clean my room, etc., etc., etc..) The answer: “No, I can think of nothing better to do right now.”

I’m ready to go! How about you?

Travel Tip: European Dates and Times
You will find that in Europe time is on a 24 hour clock. 1PM becomes 13:00, 10 PM becomes 22:00 and so on 7 am is just plan 7. To convert the way we say our pm hours to European time, you add 12. Generally, its a good idea to get used to how they say their times or confusion could cause serious problems.

Dates are also written differently, with the day number coming first. June 5, 2007, would be abbreviated to 6-5-7 in the US, but in Europe it would be 5-6-7, though I have seen something like "5 June 2007" more commonly. This difference could be significant. It you have a watch that shows European (or military) time, you might want to switch it.

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My Suitcase
My Suitcase
My Pants
My Pants
I Have More Hair
I Have More Hair
A Full Head of Hair!
A Full Head of Hair!
photo by: sshephard