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Landed in San Francisco and was met by my friend Diana from Cleveland and her boyfriend.  They live in Russian Hill in a cozy apartment and it was my home for the next couple days.  I loved the neighborhood feel of San Francisco.  It´s a very walkable city with tons of cafes, boutiques, restaurants, shops, food markets all over the place.  We had coffee and took a long walk with their dog, Calypso.  That afternoon we went shopping in Union Square for a few things.  I was all eyes and ears on the trip, trying to soak everything in.  While shopping for a sport coat at Macy´s we had a hard time getting any attention by the salesmen, none of whom had English as their native language.

  Jorge passed us off to Alessandro who relegated us to Jean Paul.  I tried on a Cavalli jacket, noticing the price tag of $995.  It was a 38R when I normally wear 36R but it was still tight around my stomach and I could barely button it.  I mentioned this to him and he shrugged and said, "what´s wrong with it?"  I told him that it barely fit and if I gained any weight at all it would be a problem.  "Are you planning on gaining weight?" he asked disdainfully and I replied that it wasn´t in my plans but there was always a possibility.  He then added, "well, do you plan on working out?"  That was the last straw.  At a cool grand for the jacket besides it not fitting well I didn´t need Jean Paul´s attitude too!  We left and laughed all the way home. 

That evening we had a light dinner of french bread, salamis, cheese, salad and a bottle of excellent Corbieres French Red (for only $10. and food prices all over San Francisco were noticebly less than in Cleveland believe it or not).  After dinner we got ready and went to the Skylight Lounge on the 21st floor.  Diana works there part-time as VIP hostess so we got special treatment.  It wasn´t as swank as the weekend but you could tell we weren´t in Cleveland anymore.  It was pretty crowded and we milled around.  Near the dance floor a couple girls started talking to me.  Heidi, Malika and Ebony were from Los Angeles and Heidi told me they "skipped out" on her mom´s birthday to come over here.  Some bland conversation ensued and I thought to myself that if that´s what awaited us in Los Angeles then I definately wasn´t interested in spending a lot of time there.
  All show and no substance, or should I say much plastic and little substance?

The next day was casual and we started late.  We took the ferry from Embarcadero to Larkspur in Marin county where Mark works and just relaxed.  He let us take the car over to Sausalito where we enjoyed sitting on the pier and just walking around.  It was a perfect day.  Mark joined us later and we went out to eat in the neighborhood to a friendly bistro where the chef kept the kitchen open a little longer for us.  To bed and off early for a long drive down the coast to Los Angeles where we were looking forward to seeing our mutual friend Roxana who had recently moved there from Cleveland.

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