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All better!  What a relief to be well again.  Jerry and I had decided to get up early to see the fisherman coming in from the ocean with their catch.  Jerry had gotten there the day before after they were already finished and wanted to see the whole thing.  So we took a nice walk to the other beach and sure enough, the boats were coming in.  I got a few short videos and some nice pictures of it.  The women were there to help clean the fish and there was a spot where they were mending nets.  Then the men partook of some well-deserved Coronas.  A very picturesque scene all in all.  We continued around to a path that meandered up and down and around the coast past the town and beachfront.  I also got some very nice photos from our walk, but as the sun rose higher and higher it got extremely warm and we had to stop in a couple places to catch our breath and wipe the sweat off our foreheads.
  But the views were superb and everything seemed so full of life and color in the strong sun. 

Unfortunately, we had a plane to catch and there was only time to hit the internet cafe, enjoy a lunch on the beach of hamburger and pizza and cerveza before taking one last stroll, catch the last of the surfers trying to ride the "angry waves" (3rd best surfing in the world overall, but #1 for the speed of the waves), and then pack up our things for a ride to the airport to get to Mexico City.  We'd found a flight that seemed worth the $180 as opposed to a 13 hour bus ride.  On the way I made my first Spanish joke to the taxi driver.  I said that it wasn't "Puerto Escondido" anymore (Hidden Port), but rather "Puerto Descubierto" (Discovered Port).
  He laughed and I felt proud of my rapidly developing Spanish skills.

We landed in Mexico City or "Distrito Federal" to dark clouds and rain.  Jerry had been reading in the Let's Go Mexico book about the climate there and apparently we were coming in smack dab in the middle of the rainy season.  It is supposed to rain for a few hours every afternoon to early evening almost every day.  The immensity of the city at 20 million people can take your breath away, especially seen from the air.  It seems to stretch out to infinity in every direction, only hemmed in by the surrounding hills, but even there the sprawl spills and crawls up the slopes of the hills.  It's truly a site to behold, the immensity of humanity in that mega-city.   We shared a car ride with a Polish couple to the hostel in the center and as soon as we got there I discovered that a bus was leaving for Mexican wrestling.
  I had a minute to decide if I wanted to go and it didn't take more than a moment to realize that I couldn't miss out on an authentic "Lucha Libre" masked Mexican wrestling evening!  I apologized to Jerry for running out but he understood that it was a not-to-miss opportunity and anyway he was tired and said he'd hang out in the hostel bar.

Our driver was wearing a mask himself and our guide was a very excitable Mexican fellow.  We weren't allowed to bring cameras and I was envious of those that had camera phones.  I would have loved to have captured the atmosphere.  In the end, it was something like a WWF match I would imagine, although with the addition of masks and names such as "Rey Misterioso" and "Mistico" and "Il Tiburon".  There was the usual 16 man last-man standing rumble and a fight between some pretty tough ladies (not in masks).
  We had our own personal waiter bringing coronas and tortas (sandwiches).  Lots of laughs and fun and such an experience!  Included in the price of the trip was a stop off at the sister hostel of the one where I was staying for a free shot of Mezcal.  Well, I didn't know that a shot meant having it poured straight from the bottle into your mouth.  After 2 of those and some beers, in addition to the Coronas consumed at the match, it was enough for me.  Bed was calling...
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