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Not much to write about Monday. I came down with traveler´s stomach bug.  I´ll spare you the details.  I did some research on my upcoming trip to Northern Peru at the Explorer´s Club and then went home.  Just went out in the evening to see a movie (a rare occurence for me) and then back home.  I was even worse on Tuesday so I decided to start taking antibiotics for stomach bacterial illness I´d gotten back home.  I wasn´t sure whether the side effects of the antibiotics were worse than the effects of my illness!  Headache, dry mouth, dizzyness, drowsiness.  After this experiment I vowed not to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary!  There was nothing I could do once I had started.  I had to finish the dosage and that lasts 3 days.
  I met Medalid in the late morning.  She had my cell phone from Poland and was going to see if her friend could get it to work here but it turns out that cell phones here are on a different frequency, so there was nothing to be done.  While we were talking I started to feel sick and almost drugged; so drowsy I couldn´t keep my eyes open.  So I got home and got in bed.  Later in the afternoon I felt better.  My friend Sandra had invited me to the fashion show for the spa and salon she was doing design work for and I didn´t want to disappoint her so I went.  It turned out to be an amazing event.  There was a brazilian samba band, dance troupes, models, hairstylists, jugglers, more dancers and tons of wild outfits and performances.  I took many videos so check them out if you have the patience.  The highlight for me was the dance group doing a replica of the dance from Dirty Dancing to I Had The Time Of My Life.  At the end the owner of the spa and salon, Montalvo, was choked up with emotion and he thanked all his hairstylists for making him the biggest salon in Peru.  It was a beautiful night.  Sandra was behind the scenes helping the models and stylists and doing a thousand things to help the show go off right.  Later she came up and talked to me. Because of her I was able to get some photos inside the salon of the models and pre-show bustle.
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