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We slept in late and played with Rabbit while we had breakfast in Touran. The plan today was straight forward.  Ling Ying Temple, Long Jing Wen Cha and Boat ride in Westlake.

We went to Ling Ying Temple on taxi.  Taxi is very affordable in China, with a flat rate of RMB10 (RMB1 for fuel charge) for the first 3 km.  Then the meter goes by the distance.  Do take care not to hop on to any vehicle that claims they can bring you to your desired place.  Flag down a taxi (usually it is green in colour) when it is empty.

We didnt know that Ling Ying Temple is inside the Fei Lai Feng Scenic Area.  So we had to pay entrance fees to enter the Fei Lai Feng Scenic area and another setof entrance fees to enter Ling Ying Temple.

It was uneventful.
  We prayed and admired at all the statues there, which has been around for a very long time.  If you intend to offer joss sticks, do ask for the prices first.  No point getting the big joss sticks, just the small ones will do.  And, they do sell joss sticks inside the temple. 

Anyway, after a quick tour at Ling Ying Temple, we went to Long Jing.  It is actually a small village where we get to see the real Long Jing (Dragon's well).  A farmer took us to her home to show us some of the tea leaves she harvested.  After understanding from her how to differentiate the grades of the tea leaves, I bought 50g of the first-class grade at RMB100.  The farmer had qouted me RMB150, I found RMB100 per 50g reasonable but not so to my sister.
  She had bought 50g at RMB20 at the Qing He Fang previously.  I dont know, I dont even drink tea, so might as well just buy it.  Expensive or not, I can worry about that when I have nothing to worry about.  (I do buy things on impulse alot).

The taxi uncle was kind enough to wait for us (with the meter running) if not we would have to walk down the mountains.  Then he send us to Wu Lin and it was miserable.  There really was nothing to shop or see or buy there.  We made our way to Westlake again and finally took a self-powered boat ride.  It cost RMB40 for an hour, but we can only ride the boat in a restricted section of the lake.  So after about 40 minutes, we went up and head to Qing He Fang to do last minute shopping.

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Cheng Huang Temple
Cheng Huang Temple
photo by: sophiefbs