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Mohammed with my sisters Molly and Beatrice at hour home in Kampala, Uganda

I was fascinated by Egypt long before I ever dreamt of travelling. When I was growing up I lived in the more affluent residential areas of my home town of Kampala.  Kampala is said to sit on seven hills (some refer to it as the city in the prophesies, I don't know about that), infact there are more than seven hills in Kampala, the more prominent ones being Kololo, Nakasero, Muyenga, Gabba, Naguru, Ntinda, Bugolobi to mention but a few.

Interesting map of Ancient Egypt from
I lived on the second highest hill called Kololo Hill (actually it was the most affluent of the hills). Kololo hill is where most the rich people live, and most of the foreign embassies residences were located; across from where we lived in the Uganda Electricity Board/company flats was the Egyptian Ambassador's residence and next to it the British High Commissioner's residence. We lived on the second floor of the flats from where we had a great view of the embassy grounds; they were kept very well with hibiscus and bougainvillea flowers. The green grass cut like a golf course green and two guards walked the embassy grounds while one waited the main gate. Have you ever watched the movie “Sabrina”? You should. Well I’m like Sabrina, I used to watch the grounds from the vantage point of our verandah and see the sons of the Ambassador being taken off to school and brought back, they were not my interest, the person that interested me was the chief of protocol for the Ambassador, and his name was Mohammed.
My sister Beatrice at the Mediterenean Sea Cost of Alexandria. I should have asked her to find Mohammed since she is in the foreign service.
He stood 6’3 and probably weighed a couple of hundred pounds. He made it a point to wave and smile at me whenever he saw me on the verandah. My brothers said he did the same to them; he paid specific attention to my late brother Henry (who was handicapped, now deceased). It took months, but finally Mohammed came to visit with us, my mother made tea and my sisters joined us in welcoming him to our home. Mohammed confessed that he was always amazed at how happy we all looked; from across the street he mentioned our house looked so dirty and poor that he wondered what the inside looked like. He also confessed he wanted to meet the three daughters. After that first visit, he made it a point to visit weekly bearing presents particularly for me (how flattering). Mohammed invited me to the embassy once or twice, but my mother would not let me visit. He began my quest for more knowledge about his country: when his four year term ended, he brought me a wall plate with the head of Nefertiti, the fairest of the pharaoh Rameses ’ wives. He also told me about his home town in Egypt.
Arial view of Egypt and the main points of interest. Special places to tour whil ein Egypt.
Mohammed’s home is in Alexandria. When I went off to high school I decided I wanted to study history with a mind to learn more about Egypt, the Pyramids, the Pharaohs, beginning of civilization and mostly about Mohammed's home.


My first visit to Egypt, Cairo to be exact was many years later when I thought I had forgotten Mohammed all together. It was a business trip with a group of travel agents who wanted to sell Egypt as a destination of choice. I remember thinking about Mohammed and wishing I had contact with him, this would be the perfect reunion and a chance to visit his home that he talked about all the time during his 4 year stay in my country.  I visited only three places during this visit: Cairo the city, the Pyramids at Giza and a luxury cruise from Luxor and had an incredible time even though it was for a short period of time. Mine was a business trip but it involved travel and guided tours by those who sought profits from having us sell their packages.

Africancrab says:
Thanks Doug. I sent you a contact through PM
Posted on: Aug 05, 2009
dsnyder66 says:
Wonderful story! I will be going to Cairo in the Fall. How should I choose a guide to take me to the pyramids and teach me about them?
Posted on: Aug 05, 2009
Africancrab says:
Yes, it is the name of the Islamic Patriach, I have always wondered why in Christianity the children don't get named Jesus, except for the Spanish. He-he!
Posted on: Aug 03, 2009
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Mohammed with my sisters Molly and…
Mohammed with my sisters Molly an…
Interesting map of Ancient Egypt f…
Interesting map of Ancient Egypt …
My sister Beatrice at the Meditere…
My sister Beatrice at the Mediter…
Arial view of Egypt and the main p…
Arial view of Egypt and the main …