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Barbecue veg

This time, the six hour journey was going to lead to a nirvana. A place of milk and honey (excuse the mixed metaphors) that would have actual communication! I'd be able to phone internationally! Access the internet! Text people! See an English language news channel! It was like a dream.

Again the bus was civilised. Apart from a couple of horrible loo stops, it passed easily. The scenery was mostly dry and dusty, but all of a sudden, half an hour away from our destination, we were suddenly in a fertile green oasis. Melons growing by the wayside. Fruit stalls along the road. Green everywhere. it was uncanny - as if we'd crossed some magical line.

Wonderfully, Dunhuang turned out to be a compact little town. The hotel I planned to stay in was directly opposite the bus station. I so loved telling the touts and taxi drivers to shove off (not in quite those words, know...). There are a couple of information cafes right next to it, and the night market and the wangbas (internet/gaming places) just a couple of minutes walk away. I felt instantly relaxed. And, of course, since I'm no longer in Xinjiang...there's no army presence! I checked in, got some lunch, and then set about getting in touch with everyone, and standing down my friends in China, who'd been so good about keeping the communication links going. It was lovely.

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Barbecue veg
Barbecue veg
The  night food market
The night food market
photo by: Deats