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Six floors of exhibits - with one whole floor being a massive scale model of the city, which really has to be seen to be believed. I am so glad that someone told me that the place was a 'must see' because it wouldn't have occurred to me to go otherwise.

On one of the floors was a fantastic virtual 360 degree screen. There was a circular stand in the middle with bars to hold on to, and all around was the screen. The film took us on a 'tour' of Shanghai, whooshing us along streets, soaring above landmarks etc. It really was amazing, and the sensation of swooping and banking, soaring and dropping was incredibly real. There was a reason for the the bars, it turned out. I found myself grinning... looked around feeling somewhat foolish, and realised that everyone else was too!

It was good to have something to do indoors. I woke up at ten, then went and had breakfast at the outdoor cafe bar where I met Jon, yesterday. Just as I finished, it started to rain. And that was that. It threw it down for the rest of the day. I dived into a shopping centre when it got heavy, and there seemed little prospect of ever escaping it. It was teeming down, and the pavements were flooded. I needed a cable lock to fasten my backpack to bits of sleeper buses and trains so that no-one can steal my pack. Foolishly I'd left mine at home, in my other backpack. Trying to find somewhere that even looked like they'd sell one was ridiculously diificult...and of course I couldn't explain to anyone what I needed. On my way back to the hostel, I looked outside a little 'hole in the wall' shop, and was dragged in (as you are). It turned out to sell little combination locks. I tried to explain, drew a picture, and the lady said "wait" and ran into the street, Five minutes later she came back with a motorbike lock!

After a bit more explanantion she took me off with her along the busy street. After 50 metres or so, she parked me under a parasol with a man who sells bike parts on the street corner. He sat me on a chair and gave me his baby to play with. Five minutes later the shopkeeper  materialised with a chunky heavy, keyed padlock and hefty chain. I hadn't the heart not to buy it from her. Fortunately it was less than six pounds. It'll do until I find the right thing. Certainly no-one will ever get past that chain.

In the evening I met up with Jon and Catherine again, for another really nice evening. This time nothing more unusual than  pig was eaten. Pork dumplings and spare ribs at a place called 'The Aristocratic Family of Soup'. I do love Chinglish.

As I came out of the hostel to walk up to the intenet place, I had to step around a some big bowls, which usually contain live crabs and so on. The nearest one was a different colour though, so I glanced down. Instead of crabs, it contained frogs. The biggest I've ever seen. Huge fat, six - eight inch frogs.

Now an reasonably early night is due as it's an early start in the morning.

Hopefully I'll be back on the internet in a couple of weeks. Bye!

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photo by: spocklogic