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just don't make for interesting blog entries. Sorry.

I got up this morning, packed up, checked out, and checked in to my new digs. Just as I'd done that, the heavens opened again, so I had a long, lazy late breakfast in a cafe. Once things cleared up, I went for a walk along The Bund. As there's no view of the river, thanks to the boardingup of everything, I decided to cross it via the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. This turned out to be exceptionally weird. I paid my money, and was guided into a driverless car thing, whioch moved on rails through  the tunnel. There were weird light effects, the strangest nonsensical commentary, and , at one point, wobbly inflatable figures loomed out. Whoever came up with the idea and designed it, must have been on some serious drugs.

I looked into how much it would be to go up another of Shanghai's past 'World's Tallest Buildings' - but it was much more than the last one, and the weather was horribly murky, so I just wandered along the riverside walk, and popped to juice stalls to top up on fluids. It's incredibly hot and humid here.

After getting back to the shopping area on 'my' side of the river, I resumed my search for presents and souvenirs.  At one point I was distracted by the unusual sight of two security guards holding hands. It's not like I haven't seen this cultural difference before, but it was vaguely amusing to note that blokes in serious, intimidating uniform (and on duty) are not immune.

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