Plane rides and Lake Champlain

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I didn't think that I would be taking a trip anytime soon, but when I found out that my grandmother was sick... I couldn't refuse going to see her. This trip has been very different then any other that I've ever taken before. First with the simple fact that I got on a plane to come here. Man, was I scared!!! You should have seen me I was in the airport freaking out because I hate heights and being stuck in small spaces!! Once I got on the plane,  I refused to open the shade for the window for atleast the first 20 minutes of the plane ride. Then once I opened the shade and looked out ...I couldnt stop taking pictures of everything we were flying over( I killed the camerda battary, then stole my mom's Cell phone to take more pictures) We had to fly into Burington VT( The worlds Smallest Airport) then had to take the ferry back to NY....My aunt's house was another 35 minutes away once we got off the ferry. On the way to her house I kept asking her to pull over so I could take pictures of the pretty landscape. When we got to her house  I didn't even make it in her front door before I saw the view of Lake Chaplain. Let me just say this, I do not think I've ever seen a nicer view of a lake in my life. This view is amazing!! It has the perfect view of the four brothers and you can see on the other side of the lake to VT. The people here are really nice! The only problem i've found with this place is that you have to drive 30miles to any major store.Outside of that this place makes me never want to leave! I swear this lake is magical because the last time i've felt this good or cooked this much italian food was over 6yrs ago when I was with my bambeano!!! This place makes me so relaxed and helps me to savor every minute I have with my grandmother. I will never forget this trip, I am grateful for this trip!!

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