Day 5: From Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta

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Monday morning I was up bright and early! It was my first stay at a hostel and knowing that we all had to share two showers; I decided to get mine while everyone still slumbered. There wasn’t a lot of privacy because the room where you had to unclothe and cloth was open to a building next to us, which was about 15 feet away. But no one was present so I wasn’t too concerned. After I took my shower and stepped out, however, a lady happened to pop out next door at the same time….impeccable timing!!! She got a good show because I thought “what the heck” and gave her a smile! Lol!


The guys were not up yet when I finished, so I went downstairs and logged onto the computer for a while. I gave them another 30 minutes to get their butts out of bed and went back to the room.

Ket was just getting up, so we talked for a few minutes and then he joined me downstairs on the patio as we had some smokes and caught up with each other’s lives. I would be leaving for Jakarta around noon and Ket was seriously thinking about joining me. We did some brainstorming, but in the end, we kind of ran out of time. And Ket had some other important things to do with family, as well.


So the plan was that all of us would hit Starbuck’s for some coffee and food, visit for as long as possible, and then go our separate ways; although, I would be the only one going a separate way. Ket, Bennie, Ling, and Esther were traveling together on north into Malaysia to the beaches. Esther had stayed in a hostel just a few feet down the street, so we stopped by there as we left to gather her and then made our way to Starbuck’s.


We probably hung around there for an hour or so. It seemed so strange being with friends on a different continent, but strange in a very good way. We took pictures, and I also took video. And before we knew it, it was time to go. We backtracked to the hostel to get our bags and then I caught the rail to the bus station and sadly waved bye to my friends.

iramalama says:
You sure do get around!
Posted on: Nov 12, 2009
aiohdmg says:
How a big jealous you!!!
3 meetup , 3 country in one week!!!
Posted on: Aug 05, 2009
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The hostel gang...Bennie, Ying, Ke…
The hostel gang...Bennie, Ying, K…
Esther and Ying
Esther and Ying
Saying goodbye!
Saying goodbye!