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Japan has one of the world's most ancient of traditions. The people of Japan began making art forms as early as times itself and in the years following the reign of kings, they adopted other cultures (Chinese & Korean). Japanese art and culture has long had the influence of the Chinese. In the period between 552 – 897 AD, travelers and visitors from China and Korea introduced Buddhism to Japan. The Buddhist influence and belief was limited only to the royal family including the King. Later on Japan got new influence from China in the field of technology. Besides the technology, they took on Chinese writing, changing only a few letters and words to make it their own. IShotoku, the Japanese prince who ruled Japan from 593 – 622 when he died, encouraged his people to adopt as much Chinese technology and ideas. He wanted Japan to gain the power that comes with knowledge like China.

Different art forms from Japan included drawing, writing, painting, ink stones and making boxes. The use of scrolls to write beautiful poetry gave poets a great respect in the courts. The use of decorative writing now called calligraphy was employed by the poets. Sculptures and use of wood, came in the later centuries.

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