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Like many countries in Africa, Botswana's art is embedded in it's culture and traditions. The art is a transition from the stone ages when paintings and curving in stone were a common way of expression. The Khoisan communities that live around the Kalahari desert have exclusive art that can be explored. Some of the art can not be placed in terms of how old they are. The hunting communities expressed their art in terms of animals, hunting weapons and human portraits. In modern day Botswana, the art has changed with the adaptation of modern aspects of sculpting, painting, pottery and weaving. The Bushmen of the Kalahari were essentially herds men and hunters.

In Botswana, clay pots were traditionally used as an integral part of daily life. They made pots for both domestic use and commercial enterprise. Even in present day Botswana, clay pots are used for storing water and traditional beer, as well as cooking. Women within the community were and are still responsible for collecting and molding the clay, with the most sought-after clays being the kaolin-based ones that produce red and brown colors.

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