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The throne chair of Tutankhamen (1350 BC). Made of Gold and Enamel. Original is at the Egyptian museum in Cairo

The heritage of African art dates back to early civilization in Egypt. The appreciation for African art did not take root until this century when Europeans and Americans in their new found love of travel discovered the mystery of what has long been considered the ‘dark continent’. African masks found in ethnological museums and in private collections of art admirers were some of the inspirations for early twentieth century art especially by German expressionism. The whole scope of art on the African continent is still widely misunderstood because of lack of knowledge and the way they have been discovered.  In the earlier centuries the tribes built ceremonial masks, beads, curved chairs and built sacrificial shrines. The Yoruba tribe in Ghana for example began using brass to make ceremonial masks; besides brass they worked other materials like wood, stone, quartz and granite.

Ancient Egypt had it’s own mysteries: the discoveries of mummies in the tombs of the pharaohs brought fame to the geniuses of the ancient world of Egypt.

Africancrab says:
Thanks Bastian, I'm sure you will in time. Travel is an expensive hobby or pass time. One has to save, but there is also nothing as gratifying as seeing new places. I have been at this game for a while now, you will get seasoned sooner than later, all it takes is the passion. Thanks for the comment.
Posted on: Jul 25, 2009
bastian8 says:
I love reading your blogs! You travel more then me and I am jealous! Hahahaha, not really, I am just happy for you! I love reading about the places you have been!
Posted on: Jul 24, 2009
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The throne chair of Tutankhamen (1…
The throne chair of Tutankhamen (…
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Head of Nefertiti in Limestone (1…