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I’d previously written about how, due to my current inability to partake in long term travel, I’d look for smaller adventures.  Here is one such adventure, while perhaps not sounding very adventurous to the reader, gave me the sense of exploration, freedom, and adventure that I was looking for.

This one was almost literally right on my door step.  While taking our dog, Sam, for a walk, I stumbled on a place just a few hundred yards from where we live that I never realized existed.  I knew if I left the house and took a right, I’d get to the ocean; I drove past it every day, and had even snuck down someone’s dock late one winter night after a few beers to admire the world under the stars.  On this sunny spring day, I took a left as we started our walk.  While not a path I’d never ventured down before, I’d actually never done it in daylight, instead opting for it during Sam’s night time walks.  Even in the dark, I’d attempted a shortcut through an unlit wooded path.  Eventually it came out on a road and I found my way back home.  I thought I’d do the same thing on this day.  To my amazement, the path, while having housing on one side, had a wooded embankment on the other side and actually had the ocean right at the bottom of that!  I didn’t understand how the ocean came to essentially surround the area in which we lived, and I’d have to look at a map later, but for now, I ventured down the embankment toward the water.

I felt I had found a magical place; almost as though I had stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia.  Right in the middle of a small city, I had found a natural wonder.  It was peaceful.  The structures of man were almost out of sight.  There was the ocean, with a little stream coming from reality.  I realized I actually had to traverse this stream to continue this adventure, so what could be more perfect and picturesque than a huge fallen tree to bridge me to my imminent adventure.  Sam immediately had the right idea, and he headed across the fallen giant, extending his leash as far as it would go to show his enthusiasm.

We headed around the coast with the ocean on our right, and though there were soon buildings on our left again, we both ignored those as we looked out across the water.  Sam’s interest was perhaps more in going for a swim and chasing birds than it was finding where this would lead to, but we were both undeniably having a great time.

All great things must come to an end.  If they went on forever, there would be no great things.

We eventually came to be surrounded by a private apartment complex and tennis courts, so we begun our journey home.  I saw a couple of other intriguing paths on the way back that I would have to try out on our next expedition, and it was still a joy exploring the unfamiliar streets to try to get back to where we begun.

As we arrived home, Sam appeared to have a satisfied look on his face.  Perhaps his desire for adventure was as great as mine.

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photo by: jamartin39