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The longer I'm here, the more I love it.
The things that strike me-
1.  The weather - ( a very English thing to talk about!) So changeable here! They said it would be good weather this morning, it looked like it, yet when I left it statrted drizzling and by the time I got into town it was properly chucking it down!
2. The life- I came into Galway centre last night for a drink and to listen to some live music somewhere- the whole place was just like one big show with street acts and music throughout the pedestrianised area - it was brilliant!

Yesterday I walked to Salthill - the part of the town by the beach. It was a fair walk, but well wroth it. The beach is beautiful and I got some amazing photos. People were friendly, saying hello all over the place. Definately need to go back before I leave, especially if weather's nice. Also went to Galway museum - interesting stuff, some really good photographic exhibitions - one sympathetic one on travellers in the community.
I'm a bit gutted that I dodn't try a hostel now- I think I'd meet more people. Where I'm staying is a bit isolated, I guess because we've all got own rooms. Live and learn!
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Well, I can honestly say I'm absolutely knackered! I arrived this morning into Galway at just before 10 and have been orienting myself since. It was a good (albeit long) journey. The trains weren't busy - plenty of room to stretch out. The ferry was lovely - some quite interesting people on it, including a couple of fellow brightonians (I dont know them thank god) who had gotten drunk and were making arses out of themselves - made me ashamed! Even so, it was a good trip. I didn't really sleep - I guess I dozed a little. I wanted to be out on deck and take some pics of the sunset but it was so overcast- I went up anyway and it was quite a nice wake up - being buffetted by the cold winds!!!
I cant check in to my lodgings until 4, so I've done a little bit of exploring, but not loads- I've got all my stuff with me and am shattered. Galway seems amazing so far- lots of old fashioned charm and a wide range of people. Time will tell!!
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