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This time of year Maine sees an influx of tourists.  Commonly reefered to as "peepers" or "leafers", they flock to Maines most scenic destinations to get a glimpse of mother natures handi work.  This is the time of year that the leaves fade from green to bright reds, oranges, and yellows.  Picture that against a baby blue sky and dark blue lakes and its not hard to see why so many drive so far just to see some leaves.

Earlier in the day I was attending a golf tournament, and not that the golf course didnt have some nice scenery, I was bored.  I wasnt playing golf, nor do I, I was there to sell raffle tickets and check in the players.  My jobs were done within the first hour of the tournament, and I was getting bored waiting for the tournement to finish.  I decided to talk my parents into going over to Acadia National Park with me to do some leaf peeping.

Getting a later start in the day to go over to Acadia can be time consuming when you finally arrive.  Parking at the top of cadilac mountain is somewhat limited, but luckily we found a spot fairly quickly.  The walk around the top of the mountain is fairly easy, the national Park service has installed walkways, but the top of the mountain is all rock so you can walk just about anywhere.  Just dont step on any plants.  Its a great location to leaf peep especially if walking is one of those things that is difficlut.  It is for me at times.

We probably spent about two hours on top of the mountain walking around and taking pictures every two inches before we moved on to some of the other areas in the park.

In case you have to ask, my answer is yes, leaf peeping is waaaaaay more exciting than a golf tournament. =)

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Me and aome of my crazy sunglasses
Me and aome of my crazy sunglasses
Acadia National Park
photo by: shadowflower