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Its not too often us Mainers can go storm chasing; however this has been one wierd weather season.  Storm chasing is a hobby of mine and I am usually limited to a thunderstorm once or twice during the summer, but this time it looked as if we were about to get our first full blown hurricane since Hurricane Bob back in 1991.  I have followed the weather reports closely and was super excited all the way up until the last minutes when Hurricane Igor turned slightly to the east and missed landfall of the east coast.

Always the opportunist I decided to head out to Acadia National Park and visit Thunder Hole.  For those who may not be aware of what thunder hole is, it is basically a small cave like hole in the side of a ledge.  When large waves are kicked up they rush into the hole and create a sound similar to thunder...hence the name.  Thunder Hole just before or after a storm will always be active, and I knew everyone under the sun would be heading in that direction to see it in full swing.  Luckily I was very early and I did not have to fight through crowds for a good viewing position or a parking space.

I managed to snap off some amazing pictures and video.  My excitment for the hurricane had long since dissapated but later that night as I was once again watching the weather channel I saw my footage being featured.  I would say I went to bed happy but that would be a lie, I was so happy I couldnt sleep!

rdog980 says:
Where are the videos you took?
Posted on: Feb 28, 2011
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