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I spent pretty much all of last week in Princeton, Maine which was awesome.  I did absolutly nothing...well not entirely nothing.  I did get out of bed, I did go shopping, and I did play alot of old school nintendo on my Wii.  If that doesnt sound awesome to you I should mention I got paid to do it, sound awesome now?  I thought so.  Anyway I speak of last weeks trip to Princeton because that trip has now brought me down to Portland, Maine.

Keeping track of my family is difficult at best so I will try and not make this confusing.  I drove Aunt #1 from MA to ME last Tuesday, spent the week at her new house in Princeton which she is currently in the process of moving into.  Last Friday Aunt #2 arrived at Aunt #1's new house to spend the week.  Now Aunt #2 drove #1 to Portland for an appointment and I am here to basically spend the night and bring aunt #1 back to Princeton on Friday and aunt #2 is going home to NH.

It may only be a one night escape, or as aunt #1 and I like to call it escap-ay.  Pictures of Dory from Finding Nemo are flashing through my mind right now.

For those of you who have never been to Maine, Portland is Maines' largest city.  I am sitting down the street from Maine's largest mall where I spent quite a few hours today finishing up my Christmas shopping and decimating my bank account.  My wallet really hurts right now, living so far up north has its advantages sometimes.  Going so far to spend so much money is not appealing, well unless its really far like far-far-away.  Yup now Im thinking of Ogre's.

My night is pretty much over, the mall is closing down, I have already eaten dinner, and I actually did get some other work done today.  Yup today has been a somewhat happy and very productive day.  I am not traveling on business but it sure feels like it and if you look at my bags it looks like it. 

Good night travbuddies from Portland Maine!

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