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The chateau from afar

It's never a good thing to start a trip when it's sunny and hot! Worse, it's a weekend and the city is asleep. That, is sadly what happened to me in Saumur. Most travel books have already given this a 2nd citizen status, with the "if you have time and you're returning from Angers, then do drop by Saumur", almost in a very stepchild love kind of way. And having visited the place now, I can fully understand AND agree.

The railway station was half dead, not a single Information point in sight, and the walk from the railway station to the town was horrible, one of the worst I've ever had in my life. It was not only hot, but everything, EVERYTHING was closed, not even coffee shops and the river was half dry. Overall, I could tell straight off that this was one of the places I would hate.

The dull, dead streets on a Sunday afternoon

Finally reached the town and the information centre in about 15 mins walk, and they gave us ideas for walks around the town. All I really wanted to do though was just walk up to the Chateau, take a picture and go back home (Tours). Now, this is where things got interesting - the area is quite nice, better than the Vieux Tours I thought , and going on a deserted Sunday afternoon made it even better. It was just me, in cobbled narrow roads with tall buildings in haphazard order, some peeking into the street, some bieng pushed back.... the only problem was that it was still hot, jetlag had started to catch up and I wasn't enjoying anything right now.

We finally found our way to the chateau, which by walk, is a huge pain. The chateau's also not very pretty! Took our pictures, and headed back to the old town where I had som fabbo ice cream. There really was nothing else left to do, so caught the train back to Tours and the weather had started to improve by now.

We had pizza for dinner, and my friend headed to Paris whilst I would of course, stay on in Tours for 2 more days. I had a nice walk around town at night, captured some lovely pix and generally was a nice breezy chill out kind of thing. I was hoping I could sleep well that night, seeing as I had the entire day's Chateau tour ahead of me the next day!

YantiSoeparno says:
Huge pain because of walking??? You said that you like to walk :P What happened? Getting older? :P
Oops, it is me who is old :P

Btw, why are the photos only 5?
Posted on: Oct 17, 2009
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The chateau from afar
The chateau from afar
The dull, dead streets on a Sunday…
The dull, dead streets on a Sunda…
In front of the chateau, didnt go…
In front of the chateau, didn't g…
photo by: Vikram