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Oh my, Market Day.

Interesting doesn't BEGIN to cover it. Chichi has the largest market in Guatemala, and it is a sight to see! Starting at about 3am we heard trucks and people and things happening down on the street! They get up early, get their spaces set up, and are there all day. Not only is it a tourist attraction, but it is where the locals come and get what they need for the week: food, clothes, and other necessities. I felt like I was in a kaleidoscope... everything was soooo colorful! Live chickens and turkeys, fruit out the wazoo, blankets, pottery, toys, fabrics, etc. The list just went on and on. It was like everything was on overload. I wanted to find something that would document my trip, and I finally found just what I was looking for only 10 minutes before having to return to the hotel. A silk square of fabrics that was hand-stitched. It was light blue background with darker blues and browns and greens making up the designs. It has the national bird, the Quetzal, all over it. I plan on framing it and mounting it to the wall in my living room because the colors are just perfect! The lady we bought it from, however, was no newbie to the haggling process. Somehow she ended up getting what she was asking for it, plus more! Apparently I need to practice those skills as well!

But I can't talk about Market Day without talking about the buffet at Hotel Santo Tomas. Ah-maa-zing! There was everything from tamales and fresh avacodo, to barbecue style chicken and delicious sausage. And everything in between of course! My drink for the week was Lemonada con soda. Actually, it became an addiction.

After leaving the market it was time to hop back on the "chicken bus" and head to Guatemala City. It was a beautiful ride back, but I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming of saddness knowing that I was leaving a place that I felt so comfortable in. Even though you can't drink the water, you have to be careful what you eat, and the language is different, I have never felt so in my element. Knowing that I have to wait a while to go back makes it hard, but it will be oh so sweet to see those beautiful people when I return, and it will be so worth the wait!

We got back to GC and went to eat at a steakhouse that was FaBulOUs! I was completely stuffed when we left! Soup was fantastic as always, then I had two huge slabs of steak, fresh guacamole, black beans, and baked/fried plantains..... soooooo tasty! For dessert I had a merengue with vanilla and caramel sauce on it. Wow... there are no words. It was light but surprisingly incredible! We stayed in the Biltmore Express hotel, and it was very nice. Cushy beds, water you could drink, and a contiential breakfast. Oh yes, and a t.v. that has movies in English! I have never enjoyed watching Apollo 13 this much! :)

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photo by: lucian_32y