Clinic Day #3

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Mactzul V today.

The drive was much more pleasant. Me, Ester, dad, and Charles rode in the truck with Marcos. We went a different route than the bus, and it was amazing! We went on back roads up the mountain near the same place Mactzul 2 was. Green green green!!! The road was still bumpy and not paved in most places, but was actually pretty fun. We listened to some American music on the radio in the truck: James Blunt, the Beatles, and even some Sinatra!

The set up for today was very nice (in comparison at least). The church was set up on a hill and the breeze kept floating in a just the right moments! Three dentists today, two doctors, one PT, several nurses, and one pharmacist. I enjoyed hearing the kids playing outside with Taylor and Paige L. A game of soccer going on down the hill, and plenty of curious faces poking in the windows to see what was going on in the dental area. We had some interesting patinents, including a woman who removed her upper denture and stuffed it in her bra (yes, we tried to get her to wrap it in a paper towel, but she just pulled out her shirt and put it down in there.... maybe the funniest thing that happened on the entire trip!)

Lunch was yet again provided by the villagers. We had some sort of chicken (best not to ask), and tamales and rice. I was sad when the day was over because it meant that I didn't get another day to spend with the most wonderful people that I had met. Even though my Spanish was lacking and I didn't speak Quiche, just mutual smiles and the holding of a hand meant more than anything. It broke my heart when we had to say goodbye, but I plan on returning again next summer, schedule willing.

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photo by: lucian_32y