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Remember how I said something about rain storms before.  This is it.  Now I was at the time about one year into riding a motorcycle.  I have ridden in condition and temps. Northeast rain storms were going to teach me something new.  I had gotten down to NY City area and the bottom fell out and just kept falling.  Made it through NY and NJ with no problems other than being really wet.  Making a shor cut and skipping D.C. to go through PA was on the agenda.  PA had torrents of rain coming down and traffic was busy for 9 PM on a Monday.  I was flying down the road in my neon green motorcycle jacket with reflective scotchlite strips and I swear cars could barely see me from all the rain.  Another thing about the North East is that in PA gas stations are way off of the highway.  Be careful of that if you get low.  You might have to drive several miles off of the highway to get fuel.

Anywho . .  . so by the grace of God I find a Wynngate and pull in for the night in Hershey.  They were just getting ready to put the complimentary snacks and beer when I came in.  They told me to eat all that I wanted so I did.  No food bill that night.

Next morning was the same but less.  It was raining but not as hard.  Going on thins cleared up as I went on.  This was funny for me.  I was speeding and making really good time.  A state trooper pulled beside me and was going faster.  He looked at me and checked his speed and just waved as he passed.  I think he was doing around 90.

Also got stopped in Va.  This time I just pulled over.  Was not even going to fight it.  State Trooper was really nice.  He saw my AL tag and asked if there was an emergency that I was trying to get home for.  I said no, I was just trying to make good time.  He reaffirmed that I was making good time doing 80 in a 65 zone.  Told me to slow it down and to take care.  He could not give me a ticket really since most tickets are for 100+ MPH and that he would be laughed out of court for giving me one for doing 80.  We both laughed about it for a minute and I got back on the road.  Made it to the west side of Knoxville that day.  I think it was around 700 miles.
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O.K. so I made halfway through VA. and the weather was awesome.  Road was great the Blue Ridge Mountains on the left was absolutley beautiful.  Riding a motorcycle across country is a great we to see it.  You get a real sense of what it feels like.  When I say that I mean you feel the air and smell what's in it.  You don't feel like you are looking at it through a television.  That partition between you and the ground going underneath you is gone and you feel alive.  Especially through wicked rainstorms, but I will get to that later.

After a couple of hours I get to D.C.  Now originally I had planned to stay in D.C. because of the sights to be seen, but since I got there so early I decided to go on.  Road on up Interstate 95 through New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  New Jersey is different for since I am from the south.  The section I road on 95 was very industrial.  Lots of factories and odors.  Toll booths were also something new for me.  I felt like I was getting robbed blind for the kind of roads I was paying to ride on.  Leaving Jersey and getting into New York was an experience.  One minute I was in a comfortably cool area and then it was at least 10 degrees hotter.  Having a TomTom was a huge advantage.  Getting lost in New York was an unbelievable experience.  I thought my reflexes were good before.  I proved it to myself traveling through there at 10 at night.  Lot and lots of quick turn and multiple lane changes in short times.

So I finally find a Best Western in Connecticut and get some much needed rest.
New York
photo by: herman_munster